Intro to Adaptive Security Architecture

There is a disconnect inherent between business and security objectives for today’s businesses. While business is postured to grow, improve, take risks, and always move forward, security seeks to protect, control, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk. With the widening of this gap and the ever smarter, stronger, and more sophisticated pool of cyber criminals, it is evident a new, more adaptive approach to security is needed. In the least, the new system needs to be flexible enough to embrace the change that powers business, and have the adaptive intelligence necessary to provide a proactive security solution. Adaptive Security Architecture (ASA) is designed to address these two dynamic needs.

Adaptive Security Architecture: A Summary

To answer the challenges and threats posed by doing business in the world today, ASA is composed of four main elements: Prevent, Predict, Detect, and Respond. Each component independently addresses a different aspect of the security need and should work together to provide a comprehensive, intelligent, and adaptive system of protection against advanced threats.  This system is designed to reduce attack potential and rate of attacks, to reduce threat spread potential, to reduce response and recovery time, and to fortify processing resources and the integrity of data. This balanced approach allows businesses to integrate security systems and procedures into their end-to-end business processes.

A Discussion on the Need

As businesses move and change and innovate and grow, you need a security system that is adept enough to move and change with you while continuing to provide comprehensive airtight protection. This protection needs to be sophisticated enough to beat the cyber criminals at their own game. Attacks are ever-more intelligent and relentless as technology continues to push boundaries and break into new spaces. You need a security solution that provides this level of protection continuously while giving you freedom and flexibility to drive your business as you see fit. Enstep offers a FREE Security Assessment that is a great starting point to analyze and update your security architecture for an extraordinary 2017.

Time for a New Architecture

The world of business and the world of security are constantly morphing, improving, and being redefined. Sometimes this calls for a brand new architecture from the ground floor. Adaptive Security Architecture is this new security architecture for businesses in 2017. Contact Us  to set up your FREE Risk Security Assessment for your business and learn how to get started with Adaptive Security Architecture in your business today.