About Enstep

Enstep Technology Solutions was founded in 2001 as an IT service provider and technology partner for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We empower SMBs in the Greater Houston area to compete at the enterprise level through the strategic use of business technology.

Enstep is so much more than a tech-shop for your PC problems. We bring decades of experience to the table, with a focus on enhancing business processes through the right business technology, IT strategy, and tech support services.

What Sets Enstep Apart?

We proudly operate a lean business model that allows us to be very flexible and accommodating in providing tech support and leadership to your organization.

We have a proven track record of deploying and supporting business technology services that have brought tremendous value to our customers.

We’re in IT for You

Our goal is to understand how you do business and identify areas of opportunity in your current technology plan. We then provide vision, guidance, leadership, and strategy to ensure you get the most value out of your IT investments.

How do we do this? Our thorough process includes investigation, communication, documentation, and risk mitigation.


You’ll receive an in-depth analysis of your current business computing system outlining any areas that need to be improved or upgraded.


We’ll report findings from our investigation – the good, bad and ugly – and develop strategies to improve your system. And then keep you updated as we move forward.


Your new network guidebook will contain all the details of your upgraded system. This will help you troubleshoot any future technology issues more efficiently.

Risk Mitigation

We’ll also offer a plan to help alleviate any potential risks to your network like the danger of losing data. Through backup management services, we’ll put those risks at bay.

Making IT Work Better

With our guiding principles and unique blend of experience in information technology and business management, we’re well-positioned to provide you with extraordinary service and technical expertise.

It’s time to take your business to the next level. Partner with Enstep today and realize the power of an efficient and affordable business technology strategy.

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