Cloud Based Services

Work From Anywhere At Any Time

Enstep Technology Solutions offers customers infrastructure as a service (IaaS). What does that mean for your company or small business? We provide yourCloud Based Services organization with virtual servers, remote desktops, software, and licensing on a monthly bases, so you and your team members can work from the cloud and be more productive without having to make an investment locally to your system.

What are the benefits of this service:

  • Work-from-home – maybe you are a small business without headquarters or you want to make your business greener, this service allows you to work from anywhere at any time as long as you have access to the Internet. You won’t be burdened with the expense of maintaining an office building and it saves on driver commute time and fuel usage.
  • Peace of mind – you won’t have to worry anymore about data back-ups, server down times, or emergencies. If there is a weather disaster, you won’t have the fear of your server being damaged or losing data. You also won’t have to be concerned about security breaches. Enstep maintains the server, takes care of the security, and manages your back-ups so you can focus on your business.
  • Saves you money – you won’t have the financial burden of purchasing equipment. Servers and licensing can be very expensive. Enstep owns and maintains all the equipment.

According to Webopedia, IaaS is defined as computer infrastructure, such as virtualization, being delivered as a service. IaaS is popular in data centers where software and servers are purchased as a fully outsourced service and usually billed on usage.

Let us take your business into the cloud.

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