We are now partners with Citrix…

Citrix PartnerEnstep Technology Solutions is using the most powerful, easy-to-manage IT solutions ever created by Citrix.

Solutions that will…

  • Slash your company’s budget and save time.
  • Strengthen security and centralize support.
  • Increase user productivity and satisfaction.
  • Take your business mobile and initiate a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy.

With these tools in place, you’ll not only save time, you’ll be able to take credit for the inevitable increase in user productivity.

In fact, with the help of Enstep and Citrix, you’ll have the means to get beyond day-to-day problems and start focusing on tomorrow’s solutions.

Easy to manage application – By giving you the power to manage a wide range of applications securely across multiple devices, XenApp makes mobilization and centralized support a reality.

More accessible IT – With XenDesktop, you have the power to take your IT one step further with desktop virtualization that can address any use case.

Citrix Partner

XenApp key benefits:

• Optimize employee productivity and user
experience with Windows apps on demand.
• Streamline IT support of BYO devices.
• Secure corporate access and reduce risk of
data loss.

XenDesktop key benefits:

• Streamline desktop management with desktop
virtualization that’s equally flexible and secure.
• Boost user productivity with the ability to deliver
desktop environments to anyone, anywhere.
• Reduce the risk of data loss or intrusion on any
device by centralizing your security.

With industry-leading software for remote access and application management from Citrix, Enstep has the IT solutions you need.

For more information on XenDesktop and XenApp or any of our cloud services, please contact us today.