The Rise of the Conversational Agent

Rise of the Conversational Agent, Enstep, Houston IT SolutionsThe Graphic User Interface or GUI revolutionized personal computing some 30 years ago. Users no longer had to have a working knowledge of the command-line interface and its tedious list of commands to interact with a computer. They could point, click, and use normal (typed) language. Today we stand at a new crossroad. Digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana are the harbingers of a new way to interact with computers. Consider the following ways the rise of the Conversational Agent could soon impact your business.

The Conversational Agent in Your Organization

While digital assistants have previously been good for little more than answering simple, direct, well-enunciated questions, this is changing fast. The technology exists for a Conversational Agent that answers complex, nuanced questions, distinguishes voices, and can even get to know you, the user. The implications for business are vast.

Consider the following areas of impact:

  1. Automation of common tasks such as timesheets, expense reports, and recordkeeping will save time and resources. Digital assistants will respond to vocal commands and input in lieu of writing, typing, or entering data through a GUI.
  2. Enhanced collaboration capabilities will save your team time and money. You will be able to communicate to each other via digital assistants, respond to messages, and collaborate on projects more efficiently.
  3. Managing your calendar will be much faster and easier as you will be able to give instructions to your digital assistant. Set meetings, schedule reminders, and send meeting invites by voice. Your digital assistant may also be able to anticipate changes to your calendar based on your conversations and activities and make suggestions.
  4. Improve creativity by taking out the manual data entry step. Speak your ideas and they appear on the screen where you can quickly and easily measure them, change them, or develop them further. Develop your ideas  and quickly move on to implementation.
  5. Increase productivity by saving little bits of time all throughout the day and smoothing out your operating processes. As your digital assistant gets to know you, it will also begin to anticipate your needs and make suggestions. You won’t need to carry a pad and paper or pull out a computer or tablet to make notes. Simplifying and streamlining countless individual daily tasks and activities will boost your organization’s overall productivity.

Keep it Running Smoothly

You are always looking for ways to save your time so you can apply yourself to more revenue-producing activities. The increased use of computers, digital assistants, and software programs to simplify and streamline your business operations will increase your need for quality IT services. It will be imperative that all your systems continue to run smoothly and without interruptions. You will be able to focus on what you do best, running your business.

Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Technology continues to change the world faster than we can learn it. Conversational Agents will soon revolutionize the ways we do business and you will benefit from embracing this technology. Enstep is your preferred IT service provider, keeping all your systems up-to-date and maximized while you focus on your business. Contact Us for more information on how Conversational Agents and IT services can enhance your business.

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