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How to take screenshots with Windows

Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS) is unarguably the most popular system used by businesses. While Windows has a wide variety of features, there are some that aren’t used on a regular basis but are nonetheless useless. One such feature is the screenshot, which allows you to capture what is on your screen as an image. […]

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Windows shutdown options

It’s pretty apparent that the most popular operating system (OS) in business is Windows. Over 90% of all computers use some version of Windows. While Windows is popular, there are a number of features and functions that have caused a fair amount of questions. One of the more confusing ones being what is the difference […]

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Windows 7 and 2008 R2: Does It Matter?

With Microsoft’s move to transition users to the newer Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 platforms through XP support discontinuation announcements, it may be high time to start thinking of an upgrade – and how you can execute it efficiently and cost effectively. One of the standard expectations when using technology is the inevitable need […]

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Rename Files Quickly in Windows 7

With Windows 7, there are easier and faster ways to rename multiple files in one sweep. The first way is to click on a file’s name and rename it as usual, then press the “Tab” key to access the next file in the list. Another way is to select multiple files (press the Ctrl key […]

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Using/Disabling the Window Snap Feature in Windows 7

When Windows 7 was released, it introduced a new feature called Snap — which allows users to easily resize windows when they are dragged to the edges of the screen. Depending on where the window is dragged, it expands vertically, takes up the entire screen, or arranges itself side-by-side with another open window. If you find this feature more annoying than helpful, you can disable it in the “Ease of Access Center” in the Windows Control Panel. Click on the “Change how your mouse works” link, scroll down to the “Make it easier to manage windows” section, then check the box labeled “Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen.”

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Launching Multiple Instances of the Same Software in Windows 7

There are times when you might want to open multiple instances of the same software program quickly, such as when you need to work on multiple documents in Word or Excel, or when you want to launch multiple windows of your browser. In Windows 7, you can do this easily. Just press and hold down the SHIFT key while left-clicking on the first instance of the program in the Windows taskbar, and a new instance of the same program is opened.

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Customize the Windows 7 Logon Screen

Would you like to customize the Windows 7 Logon Screen and use your own wallpaper image? There are actually several ways to do this. The first method involves editing the registry and creating a folder containing your own custom images. However, if you are uncomfortable doing this, or if it seems like too much work, there is a free application that can do it for you called Windows 7 Logon Background Changer . The download is a zip file, and once you unzip it, just run the installer. After installation, the program will allow you to choose from images already on your drive and view a preview of how it will look. Find out more by downloading the program .

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Access Hidden Regional Themes in Windows 7

Windows 7 offers location-specific Aero themes based on the language and location you pick during installation. But did you know you can access other hidden themes from different countries? Read more .

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Quick Way to Access Run in Windows 7

Wish you could access the run command in Windows 7 more easily? Now you can.   Read more .

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Search the Internet with Start Menu Search

Start Menu Search is one of the best features in modern Windows versions, but in Windows 7, it can only be used to search for programs and files by default. Fortunately, with a simple change, you can use Start Menu Search to trigger Internet searches as well – and these searches will be performed by your default browser and search engine. Read more.

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