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How to Keep Your Tech Up to Date

Keep Your Tech Up to Date, Enstep, Houston Tx

What do you do when you find your car’s tires are bald? If you’re like most people, you replace them. When that  same car needs an oil change, you get one. These types of preventative maintenance and necessary upgrades keep your mode of transportation safe and running smoothly. Without them, your car will face a […]

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Hidden Dangers of Unsecured WiFi

Unsecured Wifi, Recovery Plan, Enstep, Houston TX

Easy access to wireless connectivity is what powers mobile workforces. That makes it a great thing for countless growing businesses but may also become a vulnerability.  Unsecured WiFi An unsecured WiFi connection is any connection that’s public, meaning it doesn’t require a password. These unencrypted connections broadcast like a radio frequency so that if they’re unencrypted, […]

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How to Reboot Your Router and Protect Your Tech From Malware

Reboot Your Router, IT Professional, Enstep, Houston, Tx

Last month the FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a warning about a new form of malware.  VPNFilter targets routers directly, which is alarming considering most routers don’t have malware intrusion countermeasures.  Why Reboot Your Router? Thanks to the Department of Justice, in cooperation with the FBI, the domain this malware was using was […]

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How Conference Room Automation Can Help Your Get the Client

Conference Room Automation, Enstep, Houston, Texas

If you’ve ever stood in front of clients trying to convey an idea using nothing more than printed charts and a whiteboard, then you know the struggle. Worse still is having better technology but having it glitch or fail in front of people you’re trying to impress. Smart Conference Room Automation Automating your conference room […]

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Why IT is Crucial to Any Modern Organization

Modern Organization, Cloud Server, Enstep, Houston, Texas

Information technology (IT) has become an integral part of every business plan. From international corporations maintaining extensive mainframe systems and databases to small companies with a single computer, IT plays a pivotal role. Your Modern Organization Imagine your business. Now imagine your business without IT. If you’re like most people, you can’t. It’s become such […]

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How to Ensure Your IT Adapts to Your Growing Business

Business Growth, IT Managed Services, Enstep, Houston, Texas

If you’re interested in reevaluating or updating your business IT, the chances are that some change has occurred. Maybe you experienced a period of major growth, or expect to soon. Perhaps you’re new to your role and have noticed some cracks in the current IT infrastructure. Whatever your motivation, a strong IT strategy is crucial […]

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3 Types of Business Technology You Should Know About

business technology enstep

Advancements in business technology have now made technologies previously only available to big business enterprises accessible for small to medium business as well. This is an exciting time for the business owner looking to innovate. Information technology (IT) has infiltrated nearly every aspect of people’s business and personal lives, accelerated by things like mobile and […]

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Top Tips For Staying Safe Online

Staying safe online has become one of the biggest problems in our time and age given the amount of phishing scams and viruses there are. The internet is full of dangers that lurk around all the time. A person who has experience in searching knows how to protect themselves from the danger but someone who […]

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How to Keep Your Data and Computer Safe While Traveling

Many senior business leaders travel regularly as part of their work. This means that they are often conducting business from connections that are less protected than what would be desired. A while back, the risk while traveling was limited to what documents could be stolen from a hotel or brief case, but now the risk extends to online […]

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10 iPhone Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

IPhone has a range of great tools and apps that can make your life much easier. Here are just ten of the very best, determined by us, your iPhone and Apple consultant: 1. Waze Do you drive? If yes, you need Waze. It doesn’t just get you where you need to go, it uses information gleaned from […]

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