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Hidden Dangers of Unsecured WiFi

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Easy access to wireless connectivity is what powers mobile workforces. That makes it a great thing for countless growing businesses but may also become a vulnerability.  Unsecured WiFi An unsecured WiFi connection is any connection that’s public, meaning it doesn’t require a password. These unencrypted connections broadcast like a radio frequency so that if they’re unencrypted, […]

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How to Reboot Your Router and Protect Your Tech From Malware

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Last month the FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a warning about a new form of malware.  VPNFilter targets routers directly, which is alarming considering most routers don’t have malware intrusion countermeasures.  Why Reboot Your Router? Thanks to the Department of Justice, in cooperation with the FBI, the domain this malware was using was […]

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Spring Clean Your Technology: 5 Ways to Declutter Your Digital World

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Spring is here, a time for new life, baseball, and spring cleaning. Cleaning up your technology not only ensures it will last longer, but it can also have a significant effect on productivity and health. Get started with your technology spring cleaning with these 5 tips. Spring Clean Your Technology: Start Here It is good […]

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3 Points of Access Control for your Business

Access Control

Every small, medium, and large sized business should have some form of access control in their building. It’s 2016. Global business is at an all-time high. Markets are extremely competitive. Companies need to do everything they can to secure themselves and understand what is happening on premises. If your business doesn’t have any form of […]

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Top Tips For Staying Safe Online

Staying safe online has become one of the biggest problems in our time and age given the amount of phishing scams and viruses there are. The internet is full of dangers that lurk around all the time. A person who has experience in searching knows how to protect themselves from the danger but someone who […]

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Cryptowall 4.0: How Your Data May Be At Risk

The fourth installment of Cryptowall has been released and this time it is worse than ever. Tactics that evade anti-viruses and thwart any attempts to undo the damage caused by the ransomware seem feeble. This version is seemingly worse because now it can encrypt files without the victim even knowing that they are affected. Cryptowall […]

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How to Keep Your Data and Computer Safe While Traveling

Many senior business leaders travel regularly as part of their work. This means that they are often conducting business from connections that are less protected than what would be desired. A while back, the risk while traveling was limited to what documents could be stolen from a hotel or brief case, but now the risk extends to online […]

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Security Warning: Adobe Flash Contains Major Security Defect

  Adobe Released last week that Adobe Flash contains a security vulnerability. This effects Flash on all versions of Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. If the vulnerability is exploited, it can cause the system to crash leaving it susceptible to targeted attacks. dobe has categorized this vulnerability as critical.   The Affected Software Versions […]

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Cloud Computing Security Standards: ISO 27018 One Year In

One of the major concerns that businesses and individual alike have with cloud storage and computing is security. Will my files be safe? Where will they be stored? These are all legitimate questions, and though we hear of many security failures and hacks in the news, cloud computing is an ever evolving technology that proves to have greater benefits than the potential […]

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LastPass Hacked

If you have a password management account with LastPass, you may want to change your master password.  The company says that it found and blocked suspicious activity from a security breach on Friday in an announcement given on Monday.  According to the company, the hackers did access users’ email addresses and other information, but were […]

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