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The Malware Threat: Common Types & What they Do

Malware Threats

Our businesses (and our lives) are connected to the Internet in more ways than ever before, and it shows no signs of slowing down. We depend on having online access every day for even the most basic functions of doing business. This increased dependency on the web has brought increases in efficiencies, productivity, and malware. […]

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Top Tips For Staying Safe Online

Staying safe online has become one of the biggest problems in our time and age given the amount of phishing scams and viruses there are. The internet is full of dangers that lurk around all the time. A person who has experience in searching knows how to protect themselves from the danger but someone who […]

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LastPass Hacked

If you have a password management account with LastPass, you may want to change your master password.  The company says that it found and blocked suspicious activity from a security breach on Friday in an announcement given on Monday.  According to the company, the hackers did access users’ email addresses and other information, but were […]

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3 ways malware can infect your systems

One of the first steps many companies take when they are looking to secure their computers and networks is to implement an anti-virus or malware program and scanning. While this will go a long way in deterring network intrusions, malware can still sometimes find a way to get onto your systems. In order to minimize […]

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Computer viruses – 5 common myths

Computers, while used in nearly every office, still mystify the vast majority of users. Sure they know how to operate one, but when it comes to ideas like the Internet and viruses, malware, trojans, etc. most people are lost. This is largely because of the large number of myths and lies about things like viruses, […]

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Computer infection terminology and you

If you read any technical blog, including ours, on a regular basis you are bound to come across a fair number of security related articles talking about security flaws, worms, viruses, Trojans and all manner of nasty sounding programs. With a large selection of malicious software out there, it can be tough to tell the […]

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Dangerous Mac trojan discovered

While malware and security threats have been a constant problem for companies using Windows based systems, Mac users have been relatively virus free. This has largely been because of fewer Mac users. That’s changing now, as more people switch to Macs, more viruses and malware programs are being found that target these systems, including a […]

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New malware infects via browser

As technology and programs become more sophisticated, so do the viruses and malware that affect them. Traditional malware is transmitted as a program that users have to download onto their system. A new malware program has been developed to transmit over Facebook, and instead of infecting a system, it infects a browser, making it nearly […]

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Trojan could force users offline

July 9. That’s the date the US FBI plans to shut down the Internet, for some users at least. In January, the FBI and Estonian authorities managed to shut down one of the largest malware infections seen to date. The major feature of this malware, called DNS Changer, is that it blocked users from conducting […]

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Malware Prevention 101: Disable AutoRun

Malware is a serious threat to any system, especially those that belong to any sort of business. Financial and personal data as well as other important company information can be compromised by a single successful attack. One way to prevent malware from entering your system is through disabling the AutoRun feature for portable drives. One […]

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