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Disaster Recovery

Houston is still recovering from the flooding that occurred in late May as a result of several storm systems that came through one after the other.  If your business was located in one of the areas around the rivers and bayous that overflowed, or any of the other flooded areas, you may have lost valuable […]

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Enstep’s Hybrid Cloud Services

Cloud Technology

Step Into The Cloud With Enstep Technology Solutions If you want access to all that cloud computing has to offer, but still want the control and security afforded by having an on-site server, our hybrid cloud services might be just the solution you are looking for. With this service, everything on your server is mirrored in […]

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Business impact analysis tips

Many people wonder why it’s necessary to perform business impact analysis (BIA) when they’ve already invested a large amount of time on a risk assessment. The answer is simple: because the purpose of a BIA is different, and wrong results could incur unnecessary expenses or create inadequate business continuity strategies. To that end, let’s take […]

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Disaster recovery and continuity 2014

2013 saw some interesting disaster conditions around the world. From a nearly US-wide cold snap, to flooding in numerous locations, and even the super typhoon that slammed into the Philippines, there was hardly any country not affected by a disaster of some form. In order to be able to recover from negative events many companies […]

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5 tips for a better DR plan

Pause for a minute and ask yourself if your business is prepared for a disaster. Chances are you have some plan for a large scale disaster like hurricanes, earthquakes and fire, but what about other disasters like hackers or human error? The truth is, many businesses with a disaster recovery plan often forget to ensure […]

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BCP – an essential part of business

Most elevators/lifts in North America, Australia and the UK have a sign saying something along the lines of, “If there is a fire, don’t use the elevator/lift.” In Hong Kong, all elevators have signs that say, “When there is a fire, don’t use the lift.” The changing of one word, “if” to “when” presents a […]

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Minimize risk by backing up data

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) – a plan on how to keep your business operational during any adverse conditions – is an important process that every small business should implement. One of the major aspects of this is where you should backup your business’s data. Having a backup of your data is like an insurance plan […]

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Japan’s Lesson

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the eastern coast of Japan was not a local event; it triggered a tsunami warning for Southern California, impacting many American companies — and reminding all of us just how important it is to have a Business Continuity Plan. What Japan Can Teach Us about Business Continuity When a powerful earthquake rocked northeast Japan in March 2011, the impact was felt across the globe — a powerful reminder of how important disaster recovery plans are to all businesses. You may think of disasters as being relatively rare events, like earthquakes—but however rare in any one location, events such as these can have an effect on many other locations. Case in point: According to Bloomberg, at least 35 companies derive 15 percent or more of their sales from Japan. Among them are Aflac (an insurance company), Rambus (a memory-chip interface manufacturer), and Coach (a retailer). For example, Japan generated about 75 percent of Aflac’s 2010 sales. American ports and shippers were also affected:  the Port of Los Angeles temporarily suspended the transfer of hazardous materials and bunkering fuel operations. The point is that disasters, whether acts of nature or man-made mishaps, can strike unexpectedly at any organization. Recovering from a catastrophe can be very demanding, expensive, and time consuming — especially for those who haven’t taken preventative measures and preparations. What can you do to prepare? Develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which will enable your business to resume normal operations after a significant data loss or network downtime due to natural disasters, sabotage, theft, or equipment failure. Even if you already have a BCP, it’s important to make sure that your plan is flexible and scalable, and can adapt to the natural changes that your business undergoes. For example, software and hardware installations, updates, and modifications are an important part of business continuity planning. Your data should be properly and regularly backed up, and you need storage and recovery systems and procedures that are continually updated with changes that constantly occur in your IT. In addition to having a flexible and scalable BCP, you also need a highly skilled IT staff that is up to speed on the importance of backup and recovery of data. It’s important that this staff is properly trained to implement your BCP in the event that your business experiences a major data loss. Unfortunately, companies routinely suffer significant data loss because they discover the errors in their systems too late — usually while trying to recover the data. Your business is important to you — and to us, too. We’re here to help you create or fine-tune a BCP that is best suited to your unique business needs, as well as prepare and assist your staff in implementing the plan should it become necessary. Contact us for more details.

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