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Having used our fair share of IT firms in the past, it was a refreshing change to find one that actually delivered what they said they would. Without doubt, the biggest benefit to our company since changing to Enstep is the quick response. In my opinion, this is the most important deliverable. Coupled with this is the large and expert team which has a great deal of knowledge in all areas of IT solutions and does what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it. Every member of the team goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional service and provide expert recommendations for how to improve current systems. I would highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed!

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Cory Jackson
CT Gaskets, Houston

I was very impressed with Enstep’s ability to deploy someone quickly. When things went wrong, we were always able to contact a technician, day or night. One of the most important factors that I look for in all new IT firms is excellent communication and the ability to contact the right people when I need to. If you want to change your IT company, I cannot recommend Enstep highly enough. We were lucky to find a company with the same goals and characteristics as us. Everyone can find a new IT firm, but it takes a certain relationship to evolve as your company evolves. It takes dedication to find the answers and solve the problems.

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Bradley Keene
Frankel Building Group, Houston

Having a capable provider that can handle new employees, terminations, phishing emails, and installations of software has transformed my business. We had a one man shop before, and we were always “waiting” for service. Enstep however have excellent support desk personnel. They call you right away, and if they don’t get you they email you and then call you again. They won’t stop until they can solve your problem. This is so important to me, the fact that when I need you guys on something, you always address it immediately.

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Pauline Sullinger
Frankel Building Group, Houston

Being the CEO of a family owned business I appreciate the relationship I have with Enstep. Since the inception of our business relationship, I have seen them add capabilities and employees while at the same time continuing to treat myself and other clients like family. Enstep is experienced in multiple facets of the industry both commercial and residential and is capable of any project or managing/troubleshooting/problem solving any issues. Their customer service skills far exceed any other company I have worked with and whenever I have an issue, I am safe in the knowledge that Enstep will help day or night.

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Ronny Dwairy
Bestway Oilfield, Channelview

Without doubt one of the biggest benefits to changing our IT firm to Enstep has been having the solution just a phone call away. It’s been such a bonus to pick up the phone and have a solution at the other end. This is the first time we’ve been truly happy with the outsourced company - what a positive difference they’ve made! They work hard to ensure we have the best deal available and offer great service, good value and are great people to work with.

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Vickie Thompson
Disable American Veterans, Alvin

One of the biggest issues for me when it comes to outsourcing IT services is the issue of trust. My company has been let down in the past by people who make great promises, say one thing and then do another. However, with Enstep there is trust! I trust them. They have done everything they said they would at the price they originally quoted. No hidden small print and no hidden costs. Our data is safe and easily recoverable in their hands.

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Jason Jackson
CT Gaskets, Houston

It makes a refreshing change to be able to communicate with technicians and actually get to know them. We speak to a team of experts who know our business needs and take the time to actually get to know us. The response time is excellent and whenever we contact them, we are rewarded with reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable technicians who are honest, timely and easy to work with.

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Bitsy Searcy
Twin Oaks Cleaners, Houston

When we run into a technology-related concern, all I have to do is fire off a quick email to Enstep and I know it will be followed up swiftly and thoroughly. Not every problem is fixed with the first solution presented, but I still don’t have to worry - I know that Enstep will follow through until my issue is resolved. Having worked mostly for small, family businesses, IT has always been handled by whomever knows most about computers within the office.  After having worked with Enstep, I now understand how inefficient that is!  I don’t have another firm to compare with, but I can say unequivocally that Enstep is excellent at their craft. I’m on first name terms with the three techs I’ve worked with so far and I enjoy the personal touch. It makes me feel like I’m really being listened to. I’m sure I’ll meet more of Enstep’s team in coming years and I fully expect to be just as comfortable with each person there.  Plus, when we’re considering more than just a support ticket (new software, new computers, etc.), we all feel comfortable knowing that we can get ahold of Brett to discuss these bigger items.

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Joe Green
Amera Seiki, Houston

Without doubt the biggest benefit to choosing Enstep is not having to keep up with data
backups and restore. The data availability and security is second to none. While I don’t have
years of a working relationship with Enstep behind me, thus far they have all be very
friendly, very knowledgeable and most importantly, are always available. They are LOCAL
and REACTIVE! Talk to their references, talk to Brett and you will soon see that you have
nothing to lose in trying Enstep out.

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L Muthu
Intrepid Industries, Deer Park

The Enstep team know my people so if we have a computer go down or need an update they do not have to wait for me or one of my managers to get involved it is taken care of right away. It is this quick response that sets them apart from other IT solution companies. It doesn’t matter what we need done from installing new software, updating software or adding people it is all done on the spot. And if we need some service at one of our locations we don’t hear we can schedule to have someone out there tomorrow or next week, they are normally on site within minutes.

If you want great, reliable service you can’t beat Enstep. From the top down they happily take care of everyone right away and let’s face it, down time is money out of pocket so you need a company you can trust to take care of your computers. I have no problem sleeping at night knowing Enstep is taking care of all our IT services

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Jim Dutton
Du-West Foundation Services, Pasadena

Both Kenneth and I only have IT experience with either Brett personally or Enstep. I have interviewed other companies, but at the end of the day we prefer to deal with other small businesses and have loyalty to those vendors that have always supported us. As a small business we have to spend our money wisely. So many IT companies only have pricing structures that have very high monthly fixed costs. It is nice that Enstep works with us to minimize the fixed costs and only charge us for the additional work as needed, instead of selling a block of time that is charged whether or not it is used.

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Andrea Oaks
Oaks Precision Fabrication , Houston

Being a small company with no in-house IT resources, it is great to have a one stop solution for all my IT needs. Enstep provides personalized service with knowledgeable IT
professionals who respond when needed. Enstep may not be the biggest firm I have used but they will take time to get to know you and your business and will be able to provide you with better IT solutions and service because of it.

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John DeMerrit
Summit Path Investments, Houston

It is easy to recommend Enstep to anyone who asks as they provide reliable support and timely resolution of issues. The entire team is extremely knowledgeable and offers
constructive information on processes which will enhance our services and management. If you want a company who will work with you to move your business forward, look no further. Enstep has taken the extra step of maintaining our entire physical IT infrastructure within the office as well as maintaining our data and security in the cloud.
I would highly recommend Enstep in a heartbeat to anyone with sophisticated IT needs.

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Elva Godwin
Jenkins and Kamin Law, Houston

We have been using Enstep to manage our IT needs at RAN Technologies for several years now. They are such a great group of people to work with, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They are ready to assist with any issues we might have, either emergency or every day issues. It’s a pleasure to work with them. We highly recommend Enstep for IT support.

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Ann Neimer
RAN Technologies, Houston

Enstep has been a great asset since taking over my IT. The professional team cleaned up and re-did the system to ensure it was more user friendly. Every member of staff I encountered
was very family oriented and easy to work with. They were also exceptionally diligent in taking care of any issues we may encounter. Since joining Enstep our system has far fewer
issues and if anything is not being handled as I expect, Brett is very diligent in resolving the issues. Great company to work with, especially as I am not computer savvy.

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Mike Dittlinger
PEMCO Building, Pearland

Enstep saved us from a horrible IT company. During the transition we were also hiring and they accommodated all of our needs in just one day. Not only did they manage the transition but also prepared the computer for the new person. They made sure that all of our needs were taken care of. What an amazing company!!
A couple months later we decided to move offices. Enstep came two days before we moved and completed all cabling needed behind the walls. It was a crazy environment with
construction taking place everywhere you turned and different crews everywhere. They did a phenomenal job, working around everyone and finishing everything to perfection and on time. On the day of the move, even our Internet provider and phone technology provider commented on what an excellent job Enstep had done. On the day of the move, Super Nathan and Super Justin, were here. They unplugged and moved every single piece of equipment. They worked with many different crews to insure that our move was as smooth as possible. They helped the alarm crew, the copy machine crew, the internet, the phone technology guy and even the movers! At some point we had to change the layout of the cubicles and Nathan came up with the solution and then went out and bought an extension cord to solve the problem! Despite the chaos of the move, both of them managed to stay calm and help! I can say that without them our move would be a disaster. Our next step is to move our whole system to the cloud and I am sure it will be perfect too! They are a family company as we are too and they are affordable and honest! Do not waste your time with any other IT Company, just go to Enstep!! We love them!

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Claudia Gonclaves
DCS Visa Services, Houston

Moving to Enstep was a big move for Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo. The support they provided while we were in crisis mode is the security and confidence boost we needed
when things were going wrong. They remained calm and collected and stayed on task until the problem was fully resolved. Without a doubt a very valuable asset to our business.
Not sure people need any more reason to contact Enstep, but should they need more persuading, Operators at Enstep are also quick to answer the phone and help resolve our
problem. You always feel like you are the only customer. They are a great group of people who provide excellent customer service. You would not go wrong investing your time and money with this group.

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Sherry Free
Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo, Pasadena

In my opinion, the biggest benefit to working with Enstep is the reassurance that a team of professionals will be there to help us through any technical issue. Knowing that there is going to be someone there to quickly respond to our issues is extremely reassuring in an environment where our digital assets are constantly growing and becoming more relevant to our mission.

I appreciate that the Enstep staff, which does not have a fast turnover so I know the people I am going to be working with and they know me and our systems, are always polite, professional and prompt in their handling of any technical issue. The patience displayed by Enstep staff members in talking our employees through solutions is often remarked upon and compared favourably to other IT services that they have used both at work and at home. There has never been any problem that they have not been able to fix and, after all is resolved, I am confident that they will stand behind their work.

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Elizabeth Appleby
San Jacinto Monument, Deer Park

Peace of mind is very important when it comes to matters of IT solutions and Enstep is able to give JDF just that. We know that any issues that arise will be addressed quickly and efficiently with minimal to no disruption to our day to day environment. Enstep works with you to support your business, they cater and customize to fit the company’s needs and they don’t follow a generic template “services we provide”. They take time to understand the business you are in and how they can add value to it.
One of the most important aspects of Enstep is that they C.A.R.E. - Communication, Attentiveness, Responsiveness, Effectiveness. In our business those 4 words are the key to success. Enstep has met and exceeded our expectations on all counts. If you want to have peace of mind, if you want to work with a company that customizes its business to support yours, a company you can trust to provide the information/software you need then you need not look any further.

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Brian Ellenburg
JD Fields and Company, Houston

Having an outsourced IT company is essential in today’s world for all small companies and Enstep has been the best of the three companies we have worked with in the past. They are fast to respond, always know the answer and are great people to work with. The biggest bonus is that they help save time and frustration. To have experts just a call away to answer your questions and problems is invaluable. EnStep, is there when you need them and they fix the problem - other IT companies were not as accessible. From our experience, I would highly recommend Enstep. We are a non-profit and they have been
very supportive of us through the years; they are also very reasonably priced. Enstep is a company
helping people – they have a heart.

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Kim Brusatori
Kim Brusatori, Village Learning Center, Kingwood

I provide IT assistance to a company of over 200 people and so it is vital that I have other experts in place for when I am busy or go on vacation. I have complete peace of mind knowing all members of staff are taken care of while I am gone or working on other projects. Every single person within Enstep is extremely knowledgeable and will offer solutions for all of our IT requirements. They are also very polite and are flexible with working arrangements. We chose to use them to complement our existing IT department, but you could also outsource your entire IT department to them. Finally, they really care about all of their clients and have a strong work ethic.

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Roman Stezewski
Sandbox Logistics, Houston

Enstep offers reliable systems and support to companies of all sizes and reacts very quickly to all problems. They have solved every one of our issues effectively and professionally. They work out to be cheaper than developing in-house IT support, are there 24 hours a day and are spread across multiple offices in multiple locations. If you are looking for reliability and peace of mind, I would highly recommend Enstep.

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David Heikkinen
Heikkinen Energy Services, Houston

If anyone is unsure whether to outsource their IT solutions or where to start looking, I would advise them all to look no further than Enstep. They are incredibly quick to respond to all issues and provide easy to manage solutions without unnecessary downtime. I have only worked with one other IT company but AIMS quickly grew too big for them to handle. Enstep keeps up with our growth and changes. If anyone needs further testament, I would
recommend taking the worst situation that happened with your current IT company and present it to Enstep to see how they would handle it.

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Mikal W Smith
AIMS International, Houston

I would not hesitate to recommend Enstep to anyone looking for alternative IT solutions. Enstep is reliable, provides solutions to all issues and reacts quickly to any request. Handing over to them is actually cheaper than in sourcing. They provide much needed 24-hour support in a number of different locations and this gives me and my company complete peace of mind.

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Kyle Ewald
The Forgotton People, Houston

I think the single most important benefit I have seen since moving to Enstep is that we understand what is happening. Ensteps’ qualified technicians have a great way of simplifying things into easy to understand language which helps us to better understand our system and its potential! This helps us to operate more efficiently thereby putting dollars on the bottom line. The way your people streamline things is just refreshing. You could easily say that you “Take the teeth out of the IT monster”! Enstep deserves the opportunity to earn your business! Customer service and satisfaction are a priority. I happen to work with Enstep both with my company as well as with a local 501c3 charitable organization I am involved with. Excellent customer service is realized by both entities. The benefits of having Enstep as our IT company far outweigh the cost of their service! Give them a try!

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Bear Hebert
Du-West Foundation Services, Pasadena

At work, I am safe in the knowledge that I can count on Enstep at any time! I have “zero” worries about my IT issues because I know that will take care of everything! It is easy to see that the entire company sincerely cares about you and your company and will go above and beyond.
If you’re unsure about outsourcing your IT or are at a loss of where top turn, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Try Enstep - you will not be disappointed! Everyone is professional, friendly and always helpful!

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Denise Grissom
Cooke Law Firm, Conroe

Thank you Enstep! You are there to support us whenever we have those annoying computer issues that would otherwise take our time away from running our core business. You allow us to focus on running our own business while giving us complete peace of mind that all of our IT solutions are in expert hands. Because we have a support contract, we do not need to worry that the person on the other ends of our phone call will hear the cha-ching of a cash register whenever we call for help. We have been with Enstep for more than 3 years and would not hesitate to make the same the decision again and sign up to their expert packages.

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Alex Niemer
RAN Technologies, Houston

For our business, hiring someone to manage our IT needs full-time is not a cost effective solution. Enstep provides a cost effective solution with the expertise and support that we need to keep our business running smoothly. I manage a virtual office in two locations in addition to our business office and Enstep provides excellent support for each of those environments. Utilizing Enstep for our IT needs has removed the worry of backing up our data and the time required to manage the infrastructure and allowed us to focus on our business. Enstep has provided a full platform of services, from infrastructure planning to website design and hosting. It is a one-stop technology department that other companies could not match. Rather than worry about your technology platform, hire the professionals to assist you with all of your IT needs.

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Marcus Goering
CMC Railroad, Dayton

It’s not difficult to see that the biggest benefit of choosing to work with Enstep has been the speed of service and service in general received from the technicians. They are always friendly and ready to help with anything and do a great job of learning about our business inside and out. They are quick to respond and solve whatever issue we may have. Having only ever worked with an in house IT team in the past, I cannot tell the difference. Enstep provides the same type of service as in house help and for a very reasonable price. They are trustworthy, timely, knowledgeable, flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure we are satisfied with their service – what more could we ask for?

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Shannon Thurmond
Heikkinen Energy Services, Houston

We have complete faith in Enstep and are safe in the knowledge that our backups are safe and offsite and we can get up and running fast should something catastrophic happen. Enstep has been there for us whenever we have needed them - even during Texans’ games and sudden power losses to make sure our data is working onsite and recoverable. Also if needed that we can restore from offsite backups. The expert staff members are very good. They always listen and will tailor a solution to what you need without over selling anything.

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Eby Samuel
Houston Food Bank, Houston

We were, and continue to be, pleasantly surprised by Enstep. They resolve all of our issues in a professional and timely manner. The service is always friendly and despite our own frustration when things go wrong, we always end up in good spirits. I highly recommend them to companies of all sizes - you’ll receive the best customer service from a team of professionals that will solve your issues right at the moment.

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Anna Herarra
Landmark Interest, Baytown

We have nothing but good things to say about Enstep. Since moving our IT support to them, the overall scope of service has drastically increased. Our issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently with minimal – if any – downtime. The response time is excellent and the customer service is second to none. I would recommend Enstep to anyone looking for IT solutions - if you are looking for personalized service, Enstep is a good choice!

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Raul Salinas
Hamilton Metals, Katy