Hybrid Cloud Services

Unique Cloud Platform

Hybrid cloud services is a unique platform offered by Enstep Technology Solutions. Not many IT companies provide cloud services that allow you, the customer, moreHybrid Cloud Services control.

This service might be the right fit for your business:

  • If don’t want your data outside of your control. You don’t want someone else holding it.
  • If you don’t like the thought of working strictly from the Internet because you worry about it going down, being unstable, or not being fast enough.
  • If you want your server on site because you want the freedom to push that power button any time you deem necessary.

But, you still want the redundancy that regular cloud services provide you. With hybrid clouds services, we install, license, and run the equipment – Enstep owns it. However, your server is always mirrored in our cloud, so in case of a disaster, you will be able to work in the cloud. But on most days, you are working from your desktop, not a virtual one.

This solution bridges the gap for many of our customers. Enstep offers this answer for those businesses who want to be in the cloud without losing the oversight they still need.

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