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3 Social Media Security Threats That Can Hurt Your Business

Social Media Security Threats, IT, Enstep, Houston, TX

Social media plays such a big part in most people’s daily lives and most business’ marketing strategies. For marketers, investing in social media means exposure to potential customers. Unfortunately, more exposure also means unwanted attention from nefarious parties who want to access your information.  Social Media Security Threats Social media presents small businesses with many […]

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Hidden Dangers of Unsecured WiFi

Unsecured Wifi, Recovery Plan, Enstep, Houston TX

Easy access to wireless connectivity is what powers mobile workforces. That makes it a great thing for countless growing businesses but may also become a vulnerability.  Unsecured WiFi An unsecured WiFi connection is any connection that’s public, meaning it doesn’t require a password. These unencrypted connections broadcast like a radio frequency so that if they’re unencrypted, […]

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Internet Security Tips to Keep in Mind For Your Business

Internet Security Tips to Keep in Mind For Your Business

The security of digital data is a big concern.  Security breaches can damage infrastructure and compromise customer information. Once that trust is broken it’s very difficult to win back.  You shouldn’t wait until a disaster to have protection in place. Protect Your Business Technology has made small businesses more productive and profitable than ever. But […]

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3 Big Targets for Holiday Hackers

Holiday Hacker, Enstep, Managed It Services, Houston, TX

The holidays are full of festivities, events, and parties and a significant increase in online shopping. For hackers, this adds up to the best time of year to catch people unaware and ready to spend money. It’s important to be aware and be extra vigilant to protect your business this holiday season. Most Common Techniques […]

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Why the Holidays are a Prime Time for a Data Breach

Data Breach, Enstep, Houston IT Management

Cybercriminals are ever-vigilant to develop new and more sophisticated ways to implement cyber attacks and steal your business data. They’re also opportunists- always looking for the easiest opportunities with the highest likelihood of success. The holidays serve as one of these prime opportunities. Holiday Data Breach: The Increasing Threat The holidays are full of food, […]

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How to Amp Up Internet Security for Your Business During the Holidays

Internet Security, Enstep, Houston IT Business Solutions

The Holidays are a flurry for most business owners. The year is winding down and everyone is thinking of food, family, and holiday cheer but you’re already getting ready for the new year. In other words, it’s a time for distractions. Cyber criminals are counting on you being distracted so they can exploit vulnerabilities in […]

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5 Cyber Attacks on Businesses You Should Know About

Cyber Attacks on Businesses, Enstep, Houston IT Solutions

Cyber criminals aren’t your neighborhood thieves and petty burglars. They’re smart. They’re sophisticated. And they only get better and better at what they do. They’re after your data, your sensitive business and personal information, and even your client information. It’s imperative to protect yourself, your business, and your clients from this extremely serious threat. The […]

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5 Types of Spam that Can Threaten Your Business

Types of Spam, Enstep, IT Consulting, Houston, TX

No one likes spam. Not in your physical mailbox, your email box, or on social media. The earliest forms of spamming involved the sending of unsolicited messages. Today there are more sophisticated forms of spam. It is safe to say spamming of any type is at best annoying and at worst illegal and should be […]

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Drones and Big Data Security Issues

Drones and Big Data Security Issues, Enstep, Houston IT Solutions

Drones have altered the world in significant ways over the last several years. They have made so many things much, much easier- from national security issues to getting the perfect commercial video footage to photography and personal uses. One area they are revolutionizing is the collection of Big Data, but not without ramifications for security. […]

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Intro to Adaptive Security Architecture

Intro to Adaptive Security Architecture

There is a disconnect inherent between business and security objectives for today’s businesses. While business is postured to grow, improve, take risks, and always move forward, security seeks to protect, control, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk. With the widening of this gap and the ever smarter, stronger, and more sophisticated pool of cyber criminals, it is […]

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