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How Telecommuting Can Save Your Business

We live in a world of variables. Natural disasters, traffic, and other issues often leave offices inaccessible. Thanks to all the new developments in technology, these inconveniences no longer have to affect your clients, deadlines, or employee’s work ethic. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that just the opposite may be true. Telecommuting: What makes […]

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How a Solid Disaster Recovery Plan Drives Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Plan for Business Continuity

Bad news sometimes blows in with the wind. A major storm can cause power outages and even flooding which have dire consequences for any small or medium-size business. Computer systems may not be adequately protected from a disaster, and the result can be a disruption of business continuity. In our highly competitive marketplace, this is […]

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Cloud Computing Security Standards: ISO 27018 One Year In

One of the major concerns that businesses and individual alike have with cloud storage and computing is security. Will my files be safe? Where will they be stored? These are all legitimate questions, and though we hear of many security failures and hacks in the news, cloud computing is an ever evolving technology that proves to have greater benefits than the potential […]

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What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP stands for Voice-over Internet Protocol, and it is phone system is a group of technologies that deliver calls and multimedia sessions over the internet, rather than by traditional phone lines.  It is available on several different types of devices, like smartphones, personal computers, tablets; basically any device that has the ability to access the […]

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CartoDB: Combining Data with Location

CartoDB has expanded its reach.  The company, established in 2011 by two Spanish biodiversity and conservation scientists, was originally designed for map makers and data scientists, but now it is helping other industries visualize their data in map form.  As of July 21st, CartoDB has a new feature that will analyze any data that is […]

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Does Your Business Need a CDO?

As businesses rely more and more heavily on data and analytics, questions start to arise: does the business need to hire a Chief Data Officer (CDO)?  If so, when?  What purpose will this person serve? A CDO is a person who helps a business transform into a data-driven enterprise.  The ideal CDO has a good […]

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Disaster Recovery

Houston is still recovering from the flooding that occurred in late May as a result of several storm systems that came through one after the other.  If your business was located in one of the areas around the rivers and bayous that overflowed, or any of the other flooded areas, you may have lost valuable […]

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Upgrade Your Infrastructure

Enstep provides top-quality construction services to ensure that your business’s technological infrastructure is efficientnt and secure.  We do everything from cabling to automation to security.  Let our professional construction staff help you get your business safe and technologically up-to-date with one or more of the following services: Voice and/or data cabling: our professional team can […]

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Warning To Users of Apple’s OS X Yosemite

Warning: If you are a business that deals with healthcare related issues, products, documents, or data, like lawyers or healthcare providers, it is important that you read this. Recently Apple released a new OS X software called Yosemite. One of its features is something they like to call Continuity. Continuity allows you to start working […]

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Report highlights DR in Asia

There are many reasons as to why you would spend time developing a Disaster Recovery Plan (DR) that fits your company. The biggest reason is because it will help during times of disaster, and could be the difference between your business failing or succeeding. Often when we develop such a plan, we only look at […]

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