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Apple Inc. Beats Samsung in Major Legal Battle

Apple and Samsung have a long standing feud in the smartphone arena. The rivalry stems back to the time when the late Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple. Samsung being the biggest rival to Apple, has come under legal fire for copying technology used in the Iphone.   What This Means for Samsung and the […]

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Google May Be Losing Some of Its Shine

Google is One of the Biggest Names in Technology… In our world, it is near impossible to not utilize a Google product for even a day. We use our Android phones, download apps from Google Play, access the internet through Google Chrome, check our Gmail accounts, and then use the Google search engine to find […]

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Microsoft Releases Apps For iOS And Android

The More Apps, The Better… Microsoft today released five MSN-branded mobile applications that run on Android, iOS, and Amazon devices. Fortunately, they are free apps, which is always cool. Other news regarding these apps – they were previously created under the not-so-loved Bing team and were originally built for Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices. […]

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Use Your Android Phone Like a USB Key

If you own an Android phone, you can use it as a substitute for an external drive or a USB key. You can load files into your phone simply by plugging it in to a PC with a USB cable, then tapping on “Mount” when you are prompted by the system. This mounts the internal […]

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