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Bill Gates’ Definition of Human

The Big History Project is a joint effort by scientists, scholars, teachers, and others to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to history, examining it as a whole rather than as an isolated subject separate from others.  It is primarily aimed at high school students, but is accessible to anyone looking to better understand the history of […]

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Microsoft Windows May Go Open-Source

While it will not happen anytime soon, there is a possibility that Windows could eventually be an open-source platform, like Linux and UNIX before it.  According to Wired, Mark Russinovich, a Microsoft Technical Fellow who helped build Windows, discussed this possibility when he spoke at ChefCon, a conference put on by Chef, which is a […]

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Forget Windows 9 – It’s Double Digit Time!

The new operating system, which was originally codenamed Windows Threshold, has taken a big leap right over Windows 9 straight to Windows 10. “Windows 10 will run on the broadest amount of devices. A tailored experience for each device,” explained Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive VP of Operating Systems. “There will be one way to write […]

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Reducing desktop clutter

Have you ever gone to talk with a colleague and gotten a look at their computer’s desktop only to notice that they have files, apps, and folders strewn about in a seemingly random fashion? Or maybe you are guilty of a cluttered desktop. Many people tend to have somewhat unorganized desktops, especially if they have […]

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Windows 8/8.1 hibernate mode

Microsoft’s operating systems (OS) have seen additions of several highly useful features throughout the evolution cycle of the OS. The hibernation feature, first introduced with Windows XP, is a solid example of one of the most useful power features. Ironically, with Windows 8 the hibernation feature is not readily visible but it is still a […]

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Free up space with Disk Cleanup tool

Free up space with Disk Cleanup tool One of the first things you should do if your Windows desktop is running slow is to clean up the hard drive, and free up some disk space. One of the best ways to do this is through the Disk Cleanup tool which was created and designed as […]

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Upgrading from XP – your options

In April, Microsoft took somewhat of a great leap forward and officially ended support for one of the most popular operating systems (OS) ever – Windows XP. If you use Windows XP, or have been reading tech blogs, you likely know about this and may even be considering upgrading. The problem is it can be […]

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What to do about Windows XP

Many people, business owners included, believe that Microsoft’s operating system XP is one of the best systems out there. As such, they are still using this in their businesses and homes, and intend to do so for the foreseeable future. The problem with this however, especially for businesses, is that Microsoft is no longer supporting […]

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Windows 8.1 update: Now available!

Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system supports the traditional desktop but was designed to mainly improve the experience of tablet users. It was released in 2012 and received mixed reviews, especially as its new interface was so different from the look of the previous operating systems. The most noticeable change is the Start screen, which displays […]

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Windows – creating keyboard shortcuts

Windows is the most popular operating system in use today, with many businesses relying on it as their main system. Windows, along with the apps and programs used with it can sometimes be time consuming to navigate or even find, especially if you have a large number of icons on your desktop. In an effort […]

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