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Apple Inc. Beats Samsung in Major Legal Battle

Apple and Samsung have a long standing feud in the smartphone arena. The rivalry stems back to the time when the late Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple. Samsung being the biggest rival to Apple, has come under legal fire for copying technology used in the Iphone.   What This Means for Samsung and the […]

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Twitter Expands Threat Ban

Twitter has always had a problem with trolls.  This is partly because it is difficult sometimes to know exactly where to draw the line between free speech and abuse.  It is also partly because of the sheer number of users and the lack of a sufficient monitoring system. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo stated in a leaked […]

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Managing In-house Social Networks

The effect of social networks on the way companies approach their business is undeniable. Some even go a step further, creating their own internal social networks to help enhance communications within their own organizations. However, for it to function best, the proper policies that govern its use should be developed. With the waves created by […]

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