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Cryptowall 4.0: How Your Data May Be At Risk

The fourth installment of Cryptowall has been released and this time it is worse than ever. Tactics that evade anti-viruses and thwart any attempts to undo the damage caused by the ransomware seem feeble. This version is seemingly worse because now it can encrypt files without the victim even knowing that they are affected. Cryptowall […]

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The Forgotten People

Enstep Technology Solutions, a technical support company in Houston, Texas, is sponsoring The Forgotten People organization, which builds churches and feeding centers for people living in the mountains of Guatemala, according to Kyle Ewald, President and Pastor. Enstep started working with The Forgotten People, which is headquartered in Houston, back in 2012. “We help them […]

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Stay Connected With Enstep Technology Solutions

We Want To Hear From You! Our digital foot print is growing larger each day. Not only do we have an awesome 21st century website, but you can also connect with us on our social media sites. Our newest venture down the digital highway is Google +. Check out our awesome Google Plus page and […]

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What If…

You may be getting by with your current infrastructure. But what if IT could do more? Enstep Technology Solutions can help make these What ifs a reality by implementing the most powerful, easy-to-manage IT solutions ever created by Citrix. Solutions that will… Slash your company’s budget and save time. Strengthen security and centralize support. Increase user productivity and satisfaction. Take your […]

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