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IT Goals to Help Your Business Thrive in 2018

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A new year is the perfect opportunity to set goals for the future of your business. If you hope to see growth, innovation, and efficiency in the coming year, it may be time to try something new. Maybe you’re ready to upgrade, add more employees or simply get organized.  Whatever your needs, a strong IT […]

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The Evolution of Apple Technology

We love Apple Inc. products. It is difficult to believe that there are individuals now who have never lived without an iPhone or iPod. In honor of it’s development and contribution to technology, here is a brief overview of the evolution of Apple Technology:     It starts with the Apple I. It was the […]

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How to Keep Your Data and Computer Safe While Traveling

Many senior business leaders travel regularly as part of their work. This means that they are often conducting business from connections that are less protected than what would be desired. A while back, the risk while traveling was limited to what documents could be stolen from a hotel or brief case, but now the risk extends to online […]

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10 iPhone Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

IPhone has a range of great tools and apps that can make your life much easier. Here are just ten of the very best, determined by us, your iPhone and Apple consultant: 1. Waze Do you drive? If yes, you need Waze. It doesn’t just get you where you need to go, it uses information gleaned from […]

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Cloud Computing Security Standards: ISO 27018 One Year In

One of the major concerns that businesses and individual alike have with cloud storage and computing is security. Will my files be safe? Where will they be stored? These are all legitimate questions, and though we hear of many security failures and hacks in the news, cloud computing is an ever evolving technology that proves to have greater benefits than the potential […]

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Dealing with Big Data

Access to public (open) data is easier than ever before, and businesses can certainly use it to their advantage.  The downside of this accessibility, however, is the sheer volume of data available.  Trying to handle that much information and statistics can be overwhelming, especially to those in a small-to-medium sized business.  It can be difficult […]

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Apple/IBM Partnership: One Year In

At first it seemed like a rather unlikely partnership: the consumer-driven, flashy, fashion-forward Apple and the business-oriented, enterprising, and buttoned-down IBM.  The companies make possibly the ultimate ‘odd couple’ in the tech industry.  But one year and the release of 42 applications later, it seems to be working, giving both companies what they were looking […]

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Bill Gates’ Definition of Human

The Big History Project is a joint effort by scientists, scholars, teachers, and others to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to history, examining it as a whole rather than as an isolated subject separate from others.  It is primarily aimed at high school students, but is accessible to anyone looking to better understand the history of […]

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More Network Terminology From Enstep

Enstep Technology Solutions likes to keep their customers informed and up-to-date on networking lingo, software and hardware issues, troubleshooting tips, and what’s happening in the computer and technology world. This post is a continuation of a blog we posted on September 24, 2014, which was titled “Enstep Explains Common Network Terminology”.   This will give […]

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Enstep Explains Common Network Terminology

What does that mean? Is a question we sometimes get when discussing networking issues with our clients. Computer networking is filled with jargon that isn’t always easy to understand. But Enstep Technology Solutions in Houston, Texas is here to help… Here’s a basic overview of many of the terms you’ll see when you review the network […]

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