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5 Crucial Tips for Creating Your Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan, IT Consulting and Implementation, Enstep, Houston IT Solutions

Business continuity is what ensures that operations are not severely impacted by unforeseen events. It’s a contingency plan for disasters, death, and other events that could have significant ramifications for your business operations. Think of it as a what-to-do when unplanned incidents take your vital systems offline. A good continuity plan ensures that critical operations can continue unimpeded. […]

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How Telecommuting Can Save Your Business

We live in a world of variables. Natural disasters, traffic, and other issues often leave offices inaccessible. Thanks to all the new developments in technology, these inconveniences no longer have to affect your clients, deadlines, or employee’s work ethic. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that just the opposite may be true. Telecommuting: What makes […]

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8 Hurricane Technology Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Hurricane Technology Tips for Business Continuity

During hurricane season when the weather channel is a continuous tropical storm forecast, everyone goes into disaster preparedness mode. For business owners, this means making sure that the most critical parts of your operation are able to continue both during and after the storm. Your newsfeeds are likely hot with advice on how to best […]

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Data Loss: What if I didn’t Back Up?

Data Loss: What if I didn't Back Up?

We’ve all been there. You’ve worked long hard hours on a document or project- editing, refining, perfecting it until it was just right. You’re completely satisfied and ready to congratulate yourself when it happens. Maybe you accidently deleted the wrong file, had a power failure and hadn’t saved recently, or malware or a virus has […]

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Data Backup: On-Site vs. Off-Site, which is Better?

Data Backup: On site or Off site?

Data makes the World Wide Web go around. It makes the world of business go around as well. Imagine finding tomorrow morning that your hard drive had crashed overnight. How would you contact your clients for the day? What would happen to that big project you’ve spent weeks on? You would likely struggle just to make […]

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Why Your Business Needs Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery Plan for Business Continuity

Our high-tech world is full of acronyms and we sometimes wonder how important many of them are to us. DRaaS is the acronym for disaster recovery as a service. It is something that every small and medium-size business must have to protect important data. It is the way that a company can have failover to […]

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What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP stands for Voice-over Internet Protocol, and it is phone system is a group of technologies that deliver calls and multimedia sessions over the internet, rather than by traditional phone lines.  It is available on several different types of devices, like smartphones, personal computers, tablets; basically any device that has the ability to access the […]

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Disaster Recovery

Houston is still recovering from the flooding that occurred in late May as a result of several storm systems that came through one after the other.  If your business was located in one of the areas around the rivers and bayous that overflowed, or any of the other flooded areas, you may have lost valuable […]

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Upgrade Your Infrastructure

Enstep provides top-quality construction services to ensure that your business’s technological infrastructure is efficientnt and secure.  We do everything from cabling to automation to security.  Let our professional construction staff help you get your business safe and technologically up-to-date with one or more of the following services: Voice and/or data cabling: our professional team can […]

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Warning To Users of Apple’s OS X Yosemite

Warning: If you are a business that deals with healthcare related issues, products, documents, or data, like lawyers or healthcare providers, it is important that you read this. Recently Apple released a new OS X software called Yosemite. One of its features is something they like to call Continuity. Continuity allows you to start working […]

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