Empowering the Virtual Workplace with Modern Communication

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The virtual workplace, once a pipe dream for employees stuck in office cubicles for the better part of the day, is alive and thriving. Employees welcome the freedom to work from home or work from their favorite coffee shop and stats show that productivity is on the rise for remote workers.  

When you think of the virtual workplace, you might picture a creative marketing team or online retailer. Accustomed to the traditional 8-5, maybe you’ve never considered offering this flexibility in your own office. But many industries are reaping the benefits … from finance to industrial, to healthcare and more. Empowered by modern communication, the virtual workplace is here to stay.

The Power of VoIP

Think back to a time when employees had to beg for the opportunity to work from home so that they could take care of a sick kid or come back to work early from maternity leave. What was one thing that made it hard to accommodate this request? Most likely you needed that employee at the office to answer phone calls and had no way to forward those calls to them at home.  VoIP has not only solved this problem for you but offers so much more for the virtual work environment.

Here are a 5 ways that VoIP is empowering the virtual workplace today:

Use it Anywhere, Anytime

Because VoIP business phone systems are cloud-based, you can use the service from anywhere in the world. All you need is a wi-fi connection, making it way more versatile than the traditional landline.

Video Conferencing Capabilities

VoIP allows users to collaborate via video conferencing, allowing employees to meet “face-to-face” with their coworkers and clients.

Increased Collaboration

Speaking of collaboration, VoIP keeps employees connected and engaged with one another much more easily than email. You can do a lot through the written word, but as they say … sometimes you just need to pick up the phone!

Voicemail Transcriptions

VoIP offers voicemail transcription, allowing you to more efficiently check and prioritize your voicemails without listening to sales calls and other SPAM phone messages. You can also respond to voicemails via text, which offers another dimension of convenience.

Do Not Disturb Option

Virtual employees often work less traditional hours than others. Whether a call is coming in between 8 and 5 or a client is trying to reach you after hours, you may need to take advantage of VoIP’s “Do not disturb” option.  While this option is enabled, you won’t be distracted by phone calls or texts while you focus on pending projects. You can disable the option when finished and return your calls at a time most convenient for you.

Learn More

VoIP has added so many benefits to the modern-day workspace. Employees are happy as they feel empowered to do their jobs well while striking harmony with work-life balance. Employers are also pleased with the increased level of productivity the virtual work environment promotes. Contact us to learn more about how you can get started with VoIP and the many ways you can use it to empower your employees.

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