3 Advantages of Long-Term Teleworking

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Working from Home

The work-from-home phase for many employees shows no signs of ending shortly. With this drastic shift in the typical workday, employers are beginning to consider the advantages of telecommuting even once the COVID-19 crisis ends. This could indicate a significant shift in how we view work. As a business owner, you should understand and consider the potential merits of allowing your employees to work from home long-term.

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A Reliable Work Arrangement

The advantages of working from home include everything from increased productivity to improved mental health for your employees. But there are more tangible benefits to this arrangement as well. Here are a few reasons why you should consider implementing a long-term remote work plan:

  1. It reduces your office costs
  2. It reduces the risk of lost time
  3. It encourages employee loyalty

1) It Reduces Your Office Costs

Telecommuting employees will certainly appreciate the chance to spend less money on fuel. But remote work benefits you as the business owner too. If your employees are setting up shop at home or another space outside your typical work office, you don’t have to spend as much time or money keeping the office ready to go. If no one’s there, why bother? Turn the lights off, run the air conditioning less, cut back on cleaning appointments, and find other areas you can reduce normally mandatory office work. You’ll have to expend far less effort to maintain an empty or only partially used office.

2) It Reduces the Risk of Lost Time

One common reason for employees to arrive late to work or miss meetings is traffic. Especially if their work schedule places them on the road during rush hour, employees can find themselves stuck behind a long line of cars on their way to work. Switching to remote work significantly reduces this problem since most employees will set up a home office, completely eliminating the need to drive. Employees who prefer to work outside the house can find a public space, such as a library, where they can set up camp and make sure to schedule their drive for a more reasonable time of day. Either way, this reduces the risk of missing valuable work time because of uncontrollable circumstances.

3) It Encourages Employee Loyalty

The benefits of telecommuting extend beyond tangible ones such as reduced expenses. Remote work options, especially during a risky period like the current pandemic, are highly valued among employees. Allowing and even encouraging remote work during this time shows your employees that you care more about their well-being than that they physically show up to an office every day, placing themselves and others at risk. Even in less stressful circumstances, offering the chance to telecommute gives your employees the chance to give themselves a more flexible working environment and maintain a greater work-life balance.

Pro Tip: Many business experts agree that widespread telecommuting is likely here to stay even after the coronavirus pandemic ends. Your approach to employee safety during this time will influence your company’s future.

Designing a Long-Term Work from Home Plan

Telecommuting looks a little different in each industry and for each individual. For your business, teleworking may mean you host fewer virtual meetings in favor of simply sending an email, or it could mean you functionally change very little of your routine. Whatever the case, giving your employees the chance to work from home once the crisis has passed is an excellent choice. Recent events have proven that many modern companies do not require a traditional office environment to still be profitable.

Join the conversation to see how others in your industry are taking advantage of telecommuting.

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