The Evolution of Apple Technology

We love Apple Inc. products. It is difficult to believe that there are individuals now who have never lived without an iPhone or iPod. In honor of it’s development and contribution to technology, here is a brief overview of the evolution of Apple Technology:

It starts with the Apple I. It was the first of its kind—a personal computer. The prototype was built in a garage and if you bought one, you had to assemble it yourself. When it was introduced in 1976, it was sold for $666 a pop, which is about $2,600 in today’s money and is a ridiculous sum considering how little power that machine had.


The next big innovation was the Mac. It arrived in 1984, and it was much closer to what we think of as a computer today. It had a screen and had an operating system that, instead of requiring every person to learn code, had files and folders and icons.Tell-Us-About-Your-First-Mac-Apple-Asks-for-Your-Feedback-420432-2

Then came the iMac. These multicolored, translucent computers were what my elementary school had. They were the first self-contained computers, eliminating the cords and confusion that had come with many other computers. They were also the first computer to be built to be aesthetically pleasing, instead of just functional. These hit the shelves in 1998.


Next, the iPod. It was the first of its kind, and in 2001, when they arrived on the scene, they were sold for nearly $400 a piece. The idea was brand new and the interface was brand new, too. It was Apple’s first step towards the iPhone, and these devices were wildly popular and digital music would eventually overtake CDs, just as CDs had overtaken tapes and records before them.


In 2007 came the first iPhone. It was the first of its kind, billed as a combination of a cellphone and the extremely popular iPod touch. It would spark a craze that would continue until this day. Apple has long been strive to innovate—to find the next big thing.


These are just some of the many innovations throughout their history.

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