3 Business Lessons Learned from COVID-19

The forced transition to remote work in early 2020 backed several businesses into a corner. But as time moved on, employees and managers alike adjusted and even found themselves learning valuable lessons from the experience. We had to get creative to make things work, and the lessons we learned don’t just apply in remote work situations.

The business lessons COVID-19 has taught us are unforgettable. These principles extend past a work-from-home situation into everyday business dealings. Read more here. #Enstep #workfromhomelife #covid19 Click To Tweet

Changing Our Approach to Work

Before COVID-19, nobody knew that companies would achieve their goals through remote work. The pandemic caught everyone by surprise, teaching entrepreneurs how to be more flexible to keep their businesses running. After the pandemic, we can and should continue to embrace decentralized structures to manage business operations. Managers should keep the following lessons in mind:

  1. Employees can & should self-manage
  2. Flexibility is crucial
  3. Long-term remote work is plausible & beneficial

1) Employees Can & Should Self-Manage

Before the pandemic, working from home seemed impossible for many workers. Many employers also feared that workers could achieve less when working remotely. But plenty of remote workers have reported feeling more productive while at home. The work gets done, and business goes on regardless of whether the employees are at the office under supervision or sitting at home.

2) Flexibility is Crucial

Pandemic-related restrictions forced many businesses to completely alter their structures and schedules. More flexible organizations adapted to this change with relative ease. Unfortunately, highly structured groups had to invest more time into making the necessary changes to stay afloat. No one could have foreseen the pandemic, but that’s the point–business owners have no way to predict the long-term implications of even a small change. The best approach is to simply be ready to adapt as needed and roll with the punches.

3) Long-Term Remote Work is Plausible & Beneficial

Before the pandemic, many employers did not think of letting their employees work remotely. It meant workers could not work from anywhere at their convenience. But when the pandemic forced many businesses to adopt a work-from-home system, productivity and profits didn’t suffer the decrease managers feared. Many even began to prefer the new normal! Remote work generates flexibility for workers, promoting a better work-life balance. It also saves a company’s money as they don’t have to rent an office space. The pandemic has taught us that remote work is an excellent, sustainable approach to doing business.

Looking Ahead to 2021

Although the pandemic came as a surprise, the business lessons COVID-19 has taught us will be helpful when similar challenges strike. More employers and organizations are embracing remote working, having learned the importance of flexibility. Businesses should make the changes long term and even continue to adopt them in 2021.

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