5 Technology Trends for CPA Firms

Many CPA firms hear about the latest tech trends for 2019 and want to adopt them immediately. However, it’s critical to understand the complexity of the technology, including the time commitment and the cost, before implementing it. If you’re looking for the best new tech for your accounting firm, here are 5 promising trends. #techtrends Click To Tweet

What Are Some Beneficial Tech Trends for CPA Firms?

If you’re a certified public accountant firm, the technology you utilize is essential to the success of your business. Furthermore, your clients are trusting you with their financial statements, so having reliable security is integral to your professional relationships. Here are 5 trends that can be adapted at your CPA firm:

  1. Cloud Security
  2. Video Promotion
  3. Virtual Meetings
  4. Digital Security
  5. Automate Complex Tasks

1) Cloud Security

Secure cyber storage shouldn’t be an option for CPA firms. It’s mandatory to have a protected digital storage space for personal data. Cloud computing continues to be a popular trend among accountants due to secure reliability. It’s critical to store sensitive, personal information securely.

Pro Tip: One advantage of cloud security is that it can be used by small and large businesses alike.

2) Video Promotion

Video promotion is a growing force for nearly every industry. People prefer to watch videos than read through lengthy articles. Create content that shows your company culture and who your staff accountants are. Shoot video at events to help staff and customers feel connected, even if they couldn’t attend.

3) Virtual Meetings

It’s important to have a video chat software that can make virtual meetings a breeze. You can use a conversational platform to help clients access documents or answer any questions they may have. This can also make extending your business beyond your local area easier.

4) Digital Security

If your firm hasn’t already invested in managed security services, it’s critical to do so. Professional digital security will monitor your digital files and consistently scan them for any vulnerabilities. They will find any threats and solve them immediately.

5) Automate Complex Tasks

Accountants will always need to be aware of tax laws and compliance requirements. However, technology has advanced the way accountants complete projects. Processes that used to take days to complete have now become automated thanks to machine learning.

A Tech-Savvy Firm

It’s necessary to have well-trained accountants in your CPA firm. But, the need for modern technology is just as important.

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