Social Network Safety Tips to Remember

We are in the internet era, and every social media user needs to take social network safety seriously. Some of the popular social platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The old and the young have signed up in at least one of them. Unfortunately, scammers and hackers also work hard to steal information from unsuspecting users.

Cybersecurity cases are becoming increasingly common, forcing social media users to secure their accounts from hackers. According to Data Prot, about 21 percent of email and social media users have suffered the effects of cyberattacks at least once. For that reason, you must protect yourself from such cyber risks.

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Avoid Links That Aren’t Trustworthy

Never click any link you don’t trust nor know its source. Such malicious links may infect your smartphone or personal computer with a virus. It will also allow hackers to access your personal information. A phishing program gets installed on your computer or phone whenever you click the malicious links, allowing scammers to gather your details.

Only Accept Friend Requests from People You Know

Not every person who friend-requests you is a true friend. Some are just scammers who want to steal from you. So, if an unknown individual sends you a friend request, don’t rush to accept if you don’t know them. Instead, verify their details by looking for photos and phone numbers on their timelines. Also, check if you know any of their friends.

Do Not Share Your Travel Plans

Sharing your travel plans on social media platforms can be riskier for you but beneficial to scammers. That makes it easy for scammers to locate your home address and track your movements. So, don’t be posting pictures everywhere you go. Instead of posting them to the public, you can keep them private or share them with friends and family.

Protecting Yourself and Your Family Across Social Networks

Every person using social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter needs to adopt the three social network safety practices mentioned. Staying safe on social media apps will protect your personal information. It will also keep computer viruses away from your PC’s operating system. For additional protection for small businesses, consider a managed IT service provider to ensure the safety of your employees information. 

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