Apple Inc. Beats Samsung in Major Legal Battle

Apple and Samsung have a long standing feud in the smartphone arena. The rivalry stems back to the time when the late Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple. Samsung being the biggest rival to Apple, has come under legal fire for copying technology used in the Iphone.

What This Means for Samsung and the Smartphone Industry

The legal battle continues as the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this past Thursday that some of the technologies used in Samsung phones had infringed upon Apple patents and would be blocked from use in older Samsung phones.

Samsung has been ordered to pay $400 million dollars to Apple for the patent infringement. Samsung has also been blocked from selling the Galaxy S2 and S3 which use the intellectual property that Apple owns such as the “slide to lock”, in addition to being blocked from using these features on future phones.


This will definitely change how Samsung approaches the development of their smartphones from here on out. Additional sources also mention that this is a huge case across the board for smartphone manufacturers, “The right to exclude competitors from using one’s property rights is important,” the Federal Circuit’s decision reads. “And the right to maintain exclusivity — a hallmark and crucial guarantee of patents rights deriving from the Constitution itself — is likewise important.” Learn Bonds chimes in by adding insight from Nick Rodelli, who heads CFRA Legal Edge, “It’s an important precedent for Apple and any company that seeks to protect product differentiation.This broadens their moat here in the U.S. and makes it more difficult for new entrants to come into the U.S. market and rip off Apple’s features.”


This is going to force Samsung to be more creative and develop alternative technologies to the ones they have used previously. On the consumer side, it will be very exciting because anytime technology giants go head to head on the creative front, we will see new and innovative gadgets.


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