Your Shadow IT Defense Strategy

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Security, Tech Security

The impact of shadow IT is slowly being realized in many business setups today. While it can boost employee productivity, there are various shadow IT risks that organizations must look out for. With such security risks, businesses strive to get the defense strategies against Shadow IT to remain safe from data breaches, data loss, and other security risks.

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Developing a useful shadow IT defense strategy starts by understanding where the loophole for shadow IT could be. Businesses should follow that by identifying the security risks of shadow IT and how to solve each risk. Here’s a breakdown of how to develop a useful shadow IT defense

Why You May Find Shadow IT in Your Setup

Most of the time, the shadow IT risks you are likely to record in your setup come from the employees outside the IT department. When users need to get the job done effectively, they will attempt to use information technology applications for their benefit.

When using the applications, they stop to give any considerable thought to the management, control, or security measures that help protect IT from a breach. It becomes messier when every employee is making an individual decision on what application to use for messaging, teleconferencing, etc. which leaves the company networks vulnerable to attack.

Security Risks of Shadow IT

When attending to security risks, there are various categories of risk you ought to consider:

  • Compliance: If your business uses software whose actual security state is unknown, this could jeopardize your business’ compliance efforts. Allowing such unapproved software could put your business at loggerheads with regulations.
  • Data Protection Challenges: Shadow IT could be the leeway to leakage sensitive data to the cloud, where it could land in the wrong hands. Users might share data that is not encrypted, making it easier for cybercriminals to decode the data easily.
  • Unaccounted for Assets: Your organization is exposed to risk when employees procure software without the IT department’s knowledge.

How to Prevent Shadow IT Usage

Prevention of shadow IT usage is possible, and it involves the following options.

  • Give a Clear Policy: Let your employees know what devices, software, and systems they can use. This way, you will minimize the introduction of shadow IT applications.
  • Use Software Asset Management Solution: Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite is one software you could use to manage all software running in your organization. Ensure you track every software used to drive compliance, discovery, and other possible loopholes to a security breach.

Stick to Secure Software

Ensure you stick to secure software usage and that everyone else in the organization is adhering to the set rules of safety. Shadow IT risks can be overwhelming if you fail to implement the cybersecurity measures put in place. Invest in reliable security software.

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