Why Your Antivirus Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

What’s the first step to protecting your technology and sensitive information from computer viruses or malware? Most people would say installing a reliable antivirus software. It’s true that most antivirus software does a good job protecting your data. However, for many individuals and most small businesses, a simple protection program isn’t enough.

If you own a small business and are concerned about malware, an antivirus program is a woefully insufficient protection. You may be far more vulnerable than you realize. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why an antivirus will likely fail your business.

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Why Your Antivirus Isn't Cutting It Anymore, Enstep Technology Solutions, Houston

Protection May Come Too Late

Antiviruses are designed to protect against known threats and malware. However, once a new threat surfaces (and they do with alarming frequency), it takes time for antivirus providers to build protections against it. Meanwhile, your system is left vulnerable. And this is only made worse by the fact that many small businesses disable active antivirus scanning in favor of once-daily system checks. This leaves your business technology vulnerable to threats that active scanning or monitoring would have caught.

Antiviruses Can’t Block Other Threats

Even the most advanced antivirus protection can’t stop a phishing email or phone call. Combine that vulnerability with poor security training for employees and you have a recipe for disaster. Besides phishing, there are a variety of other attacks that aren’t virus-based and thus not subject to an antivirus program. Businesses face a variety of threats.

Advanced Viruses Can Breach the Protection

Malware developers will often test their creations against popular antivirus programs and work to breach their security. If they’re successful, this could lead to even a high-rated program offering no protection against a particularly resilient malware attack. Consumers and businesses alike are vulnerable to this possibility.

Pro Tip: Antivirus programs may occasionally incorrectly label a safe download as malware, but that’s no reason to accept downloads of any kind from any website. If your antivirus program or security service flags something as unsafe, don’t ignore their warning.

Don’t Let an Antivirus Fail You!

A traditional antivirus program simply can’t provide the level of protection your small business needs. For a truly comprehensive and effective solution, consider looking into a managed security service that will monitor your business’s data and technology in real-time to block any security threat you can imagine. Protect yourself from malware attacks with protection that really works!

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