Top Tips For Staying Safe Online

by | Nov 29, 2015 | Tech Security, Tech Tips

Staying safe online has become one of the biggest problems in our time and age given the amount of phishing scams and viruses there are. The internet is full of dangers that lurk around all the time. A person who has experience in searching knows how to protect themselves from the danger but someone who does not have experience might have trouble in staying safe online. Thus, if you are looking to stay safe online, here are top tips that you need to know:


Scams are everywhere. You should and you must read blogs and articles to learn about all the scams there possibly are in order to stay safe online. Moreover, a lot of news comes with tips regarding how you can avoid these scams so make sure you read up a lot to avoid getting attacked in the best way possible.


A firewall is a great way of helping your computers against cyber attacks. Even though a lot of operating systems already come with firewalls, you might want to install a good software that will guarantee protection against all sorts of viruses.

Protect Your Information

It is also vital for you to back all your data up before hand; whether it is your computer, your smartphone or anything for that matter. Protecting your information is essential to ensure protection against all sorts of cash and theft. You also might want to make sure that your financial statements are in line. You don’t want to risk losing all that information by being careless.

Shop Safely

Another crucial tip for staying safe online is that if you are shopping online, you must shop safely and check for these essentials. You must never shop on a website that doesn’t have an http on it. You must also protect yourself along with your credit card and other essentials when shopping online. Using a credit card is better than using a debit card.

Watch Your Wi-Fi Connectivity

Your network must also be protected when you are online. Changing your router’s default settings and ensuring that it is password protected is another essential.

Check Your Privacy Settings

Reviewing your privacy settings on websites particularly social media websites is also very important. Social media accounts are pretty easy to hack so ensuring that you check your privacy settings is crucial to keep yourself safe.

Beware of Malicious E-Mails

Unsolicited emails usually try to convince you into something that is not relevant and without you knowing it at all. If an email appears from a bank suggesting you to take action, it’s probably a phishing email that must not be checked.

Software Should Be Kept Up To Date

Another significant thing is to keep all your software in check. Security updates are really important if you want to avoid malware from getting in your system. Software update ensures that you are safe.

Get Anti Virus Software

It goes without saying that one of the most crucial things you need to do in order to ensure your safety online is to get an anti virus software. Anti virus software protects you from all the malicious content that is available on the internet and keeps you safe from hacks or any other perversions.

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