Is Your Manufacturing Company at Risk for Cyber Attacks?

When you think of cyber attacks, you probably think about the financial, healthcare, and retail industries. This is obvious considering these industries are always handling personal details and private, financial information. The headlines about cyber attacks seem to include these industries, as well. However, the manufacturing industries are increasingly becoming a target for cyber attacks.

How Can Manufacturing Companies Protect Against Cyber Attacks?

Cybercriminals want to steal company trade secrets and intellectual property. They’ll use viruses and malware to slowly steal your company’s personal information. The criminals utilize malicious code to use this information against you. They can threaten to reveal private information, lest they are handsomely paid. The threat of data breaches is more prevalent in the manufacturing industry today than it has ever been. Here are 4 ways that you can protect your industry. Click To Tweet

  1. Separate Storage for Valuable, Personal Information
  2. Protect Your Networks
  3. Educate & Train Staff
  4. Invest in Cyber Security

1) Separate Storage for Valuable, Personal Information

Invest in separate storage for any valuable information. Have passwords and security in place that will only allow select employees to access it. Perform annual audits and analysis of the information to detect any suspicious activity.

2) Protect Your Networks

An information security breach can happen in the blink of an eye. All it takes is for an employee to open a corrupt file in an email from an unknown source. This allows the cybercriminals to access computer systems and critical infrastructures. That’s why it’s mandatory to protect your computer networks.

3) Educate & Train Staff

Teach staff about the very real threat of malicious cyber attacks. Educate them about the dangers of opening emails from unknown senders and clicking questionable links. Have protocols in place so employees understand how to handle and report potential cybersecurity threats.

Pro Tip: Have regular meetings and webinars to teach employees about the importance of cybersecurity.

4) Invest in Cyber Security

Anti-virus is no longer enough to protect your virtual information system. Larger companies typically already have some sort of cybersecurity in place. However, small businesses need managed security services to safeguard against cyber threats. Not only will it protect employee’s privacy and financial documents, but will ensure that customers’ personal information is safe.

Protect Before an Attack

It’s absolutely critical to have a digital security plan in place before an attack. Even if your company is lucky and never becomes a target for cybercriminals- it’s wise to be prepared for all possibilities.

Do you think your manufacturing company could be at risk for cyber attacks? Join the conversation to speak with our team about securing your cyber infrastructure.