How IT Security Applies to Your Office Printer

Data security is an integral part of any office setting. Both your own sensitive information and that of your clients must stay private at all times. Most of the time, it’s easy to spot potential risks to your privacy, but a few issues may slip through the cracks. One significant possible risk is your office printer.

By necessity, printers store a significant amount of data from the documents they print. More advanced models and multifunction printers store even more sensitive data than you might think. As you focus on security features and information privacy, don’t forget to see if your printer is up to your standards.

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Strategic Placement

The first step to printer security is laughably simple: just put it in an employees-only area. If you can control who can even be in the same room with the printer, you’ve already eliminated the risk of a stranger swiping data from printed documents. This isn’t a perfect solution and you should absolutely not stop with only moving the printer. However, choosing a more secure location is an excellent first step toward better printer security.

Restricted Access

Having physical access to the printer is one thing. However, if you can’t log in or send documents to the printer, you can’t lift any data from its memory. Set up secure login credentials for each employee and keep unauthorized users out.

Pro Tip: Employees can accidentally share sensitive information if they use one another’s accounts. Make sure to stress the importance of keeping login credentials secret.

Secure Your Wireless Network

Finally, remember that your office wifi can be vulnerable to hackers if it’s not secured. Take the time to secure your internet and block your network from accidentally leaking information. Better yet, consider implementing end-to-end data encryption for your printer. This ensures that information can’t be stolen while in transit to the printer or even lifted from the printer’s memory afterward.

Protect Your Office Printer

Your office is full of electronics, a great number of which could be leaving your information vulnerable without you even knowing. Don’t give hackers an open door! Take the time to examine and lock down everything from your work laptop to your office printer.

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