How to Amp Up Internet Security for Your Business During the Holidays

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Security, Tech Security

The Holidays are a flurry for most business owners. The year is winding down and everyone is thinking of food, family, and holiday cheer but you’re already getting ready for the new year. In other words, it’s a time for distractions. Cyber criminals are counting on you being distracted so they can exploit vulnerabilities in your business network. It’s a great time to beef up your cybersecurity.

7 Ways to Beef Up Your Internet Security

Cybercriminals are smart and sophisticated and constantly developing new and better ways to hack into vulnerable networks. They typically look for business networks with the weakest security to attack. Increasing your network security year round, but especially during these months serves as an effective deterrent. Beef up your network security with the following 7 tips:

1) Have your site scanned.

Because things are constantly changing in the world of technology and in cyberspace, it’s good to take a little pulse check regularly. Have a commercial vulnerability scanner check how secure your business network is. These scans are typically very affordable and sometimes even free.

2) Keep employees educated.

Your largest security threat is always going to be staff. Cybercriminals often target employees and staff, trying to get information in a number of ways. Keep your team informed and educated on the latest sensitive, security-breaking information. Hold regular staff trainings on cybersecurity and how to avoid scams such as phishing. There are also online programs you can use to send tests to your employees in the form of simulated attacks.

3) Secure your network.

Keep your network secured at all times. Regularly refresh your wifi passwords and forbid use of company phones and devices on public wifi networks. Require employees to update all their passwords quarterly. Encourage all computers to be turned off when not in use or locked.

4) Review the back end.

Routinely check the back end of your site every few months. You become vulnerable when you fail to keep your security fixes updated.

5) Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt.

An encrypted database cannot be accessed by an unauthorized user even if it’s stolen. Encrypt your important and sensitive data while in transit, while stored on devices, and while saved on a hard drive. Database encryption is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to protect your business data.

6) Backup constantly.

Backing up your data continuously is extremely important to keeping it safe and secured. In the case of a breach, natural disaster, or other unforeseen situation, your data will be safely backed up and stored. Consider using a cloud-based backup system.

7) Fine tune your systems.

Avoid downloading new applications or upgrading your programs during the holidays. Instead, have your network analyzed to make sure everything is working properly and any possible problems are fixed. Some companies provide free comprehensive security assessments that will expose any problem issues you may have and help you know what needs to be fixed.

Keep the Season Free of Security Issues

Tis the season to be jolly, not to worry about data breaches. You need to keep your focus on reviewing the previous year and planning for the new year. Use these 7 internet security tips to beef up your cybersecurity in time for the holidays.

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