6 Technology Threats to Watch For

Business owners and leaders are constantly encouraged to look to the future to anticipate upcoming technology. Unfortunately, cyber criminals do the same thing. Security breaches, whether in the form of viruses or hacking, become more sophisticated with each year. 2020 especially presented a problem as more and more people shopped online, but COVID-19 dominated the headlines and allowed cyber crimes to slip under the radar. These hazards are not expected to slow down in 2021.

The pandemic gave cyber criminals the cover they needed to improve their arsenal. As 2021 begins, here are several up-and-coming or newly improved threats to be aware of. #Enstep #COVID19 #hacking Click To Tweet

Potential Attacks in 2021

Getting ahead of any potential attack in 2021 will keep you safe when hackers strike. Out of all the various information security risks you are likely to encounter, there are some you should take extra care against. These include:

  1. Wifi-connected vehicles
  2. “Established” cyberattacks
  3. Smart technology
  4. Exploiting cloud vulnerabilities
  5. LotL attacks
  6. Social engineering scams

1) Wifi-Connected Vehicles

Connecting wifi in your vehicle seems like a good idea, but it turns out to be a potential risk of car hijacking. Anything that uses wifi is hackable. While there likely isn’t much you can do to eliminate wifi on public transport, you should do your best to avoid implementing wifi in any vehicle you use for work or personal usage. You should also avoid using the wifi networks in public transport and encourage your employees to do the same. This places a bit of a buffer between you and the potential for hacking.

2) “Established” Cyberattacks

Established cyberattacks are hard to counter and eliminate. They include phishing, Trojans, ransomware, and similar threats. These attacks are old news by now, but they’re still remarkably effective because of how they’re implemented. 2020 gave hackers plenty of opportunities to prey upon people’s fears or simple lack of knowledge. These attacks will continue in different forms for the foreseeable future. As long as you and your employees know what to watch out for, you’ll be able to identify and avoid potential dangers.

3) Smart Technology

As previously stated, anything that uses wifi is hackable. This includes smart technology of any kind. Whether you have a smart doorbell, smart camera system, or even a smart coffee machine, it’s potentially vulnerable to hackers. These attacks may even target you or your employees personally, rather than your company, if everyone is still working from home. Secure your home and business wifi networks in every way possible to stop this from happening.

4) Exploiting Cloud Vulnerabilities

The pandemic and the resulting surge in remote work forced many companies to adopt more cloud services. Unfortunately, plenty of business owners were unfamiliar with this relatively new technology and failed to implement enough security precautions. While the cloud offers a great alternative to remote data storage, it can be the loophole to a company’s security breach. Hackers can find weak spots in a second. Your best bet for cloud security is to go with a trusted provider and use every security measure possible to keep unauthorized users out.

5) LotL Attacks

Living off the Land (LotL) attacks are cyberattacks that take advantage of computer tools and features already present in the target environment. These attacks are particularly dangerous because they rarely generate any files of their own, allowing them to go largely unnoticed on the victim’s computer. The best way to avoid these attacks is to observe common-sense rules like not clicking on links in suspicious emails. However, if you do suspect your computer is infected, have an expert look it over. Don’t let any more information be compromised.

6) Social Engineering Scams

Social engineering scammers will use psychological manipulation to trick you into making security mistakes or convince you to give out sensitive information. This is a very broad category–examples include phishing emails, pretending to be a family member, baiting, and more. Falling for any of these scams will leave you and your company vulnerable. Always verify that what you’re seeing is legitimate before proceeding.

Stay Safe!

Why let technology threats keep you from achieving your business’ milestones? Take a page out of the cybercriminals’ book and look to the future to anticipate both innovative developments and potential threats. Start 2021 off right with a high emphasis on business security.

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