6 Common Types of Malware to Protect Your Business From

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Tech Scams

As a business performing its operations online, you need to beware of all the common types of malware. Malware infections can infiltrate your IT system via emails or other means. According to Purplesec, there were 812 million reported cases of malware attacks in 2018. This guide looks at the types of malware you should know.

What are some common types of computer malware?

Any software written or created to exploit, damage, or disable systems, devices, and networks is a ‘malware.’ As a result, it compromises the functions of your IT system or devices, leading to data theft and computer harm.

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  1. Trojan Horse
  2. Spyware
  3. Ransomware
  4. Adware
  5. Worm
  6. Virus

1) Trojan Horse

This malware will enter an IT system as a harmless program or file to trick unsuspecting users. Once you download and install the malware, cybercriminals access your system to steal data and other sensitive information. They can even install more malware.

2) Spyware

The primary objective of spyware is to track your browsing activities by monitoring and collecting keystrokes. It can harvest your account information, financial data, account logins, and other vital credentials. Spyware exploits software vulnerabilities.

3) Ransomware

Ransomware attacks aim at holding your data captive until you pay a specific amount of money quoted by the cybercriminals. They can restrict access to your database, lock down your IT system, or encrypt files. They’ll release the data upon making a payment.

4) Adware

Adware is advertising software that displays unwanted adverts on the computer screen while browsing. Unfortunately, some adware is malicious and can collect your data, redirect you to advert sites, or change your browser settings.

5) Worm

This type of malware takes advantage of operating system vulnerabilities. The worm can replicate itself and infect other computers in the same network without authorization from anyone. It spreads very fast so that it can execute a payload.

6) Virus

Viruses can cause significant damage to a target computer by reformatting a hard disk, corrupting data, or shutting down your system. Computer viruses can also steal information, harm IT networks, steal funds, render advertisements, and create botnets.

Keeping Your Business Data Safe from Malware

With the increasing number of malware attacks, you should be able to detect all the common types of malware. It helps you protect your operating systems, mobile devices, network, users, and sensitive data from cyberattackers. You won’t lose any data.

Contact Enstep professionals to help you protect your data from malware attacks.

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