7 Things to Look for in a Virtual Assistant

Your busy schedule may have you thinking about hiring an assistant. A virtual assistant is a cost-effective and efficient option to consider. Since you don’t have to provide office space, it’s cheaper than hiring someone on-site. Use this guide as you search for the right person to serve your business needs remotely.

Finding Your Virtual Assistant

Hiring a new employee takes diligence and follow up. You need to review resumes, check references, and complete background checks. You need to get a feel for their personality and character. Hiring a virtual assistant, or any remote employee comes with added challenges and specific things to consider. Get started with these 7 tips for hiring a virtual assistant.

1) Communication is essential.

Working remotely requires good and consistent communication. You can’t just pop in to ask a question or clarify instructions. For this reason, it’s important to make sure they are skilled communicators AND will, in fact, communicate to you often and completely.

2) Experience goes a long way.

Don’t hire an inexperienced virtual assistant. They will be handling vital details of your day to day operations AND working remotely. You need someone who knows what they’re doing and has done it before and will be accountable. Require at least a couple of years of experience.

3) Willingness to learn.

There is much to learn! Your virtual assistant needs to know the ins and outs of your day to day schedule and business. They need to learn your industry and any other mediums, technology, or specialized terminology your business requires. Hire someone who is willing to learn and keep learning. Eventually, they should be able to anticipate your needs.

4) Tech savvy is a must.

Working remotely requires the use of specialized technology. Your virtual assistant needs to know their way around your business technology. Their role in your company will be easier the more comfortable they are learning and using new tech. Social media familiarity is also a plus as you may have them manage all or a part of your social media. Since they will likely be interacting with your business technology services support to resolve tech issues for you, they need to be well-versed in IT services and lingo.

5) Excellent time management skills.

Working remotely requires self-supervising. Your virtual assistant will have to make the best use of his or her time every day throughout the day without you there to pop in and check on them. They will need to be able to schedule each day and manage their time to accomplish everything you need them to accomplish.

6) Ability to learn your business.

They not only need to be willing to learn your business and industry, but they need to have the ability to learn it. Previous experience helps ensure they will be able to get a handle on your business quickly. A baseline familiarity with your industry is a good indicator they will be able to intellectually and conceptually learn your business.

7) Professionalism is non-negotiable.

Your virtual assistant may be interacting directly with your clients. Make sure they handle themselves always with professionalism and class. They should speak well and always be courteous. Don’t forget, they are representing you and your brand.

Take it to the Next Level

Finding the right virtual assistant to take care of all the details of your daily operations makes all the difference. They can help you improve your efficiency, professionalism, and personal productivity. They can be the difference that takes your business to that next level. Get started with this guide for finding the right gifted person to fulfill the role. Contact Us for more information on the optimal IT for hiring remote employees.