What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP stands for Voice-over Internet Protocol, and it is phone system is a group of technologies that deliver calls and multimedia sessions over the internet, rather than by traditional phone lines.  It is available on several different types of devices, like smartphones, personal computers, tablets; basically any device that has the ability to access the internet.

Why is this useful?

A VoIP phone system is useful for several reasons.  It can significantly reduce costs, both in infrastructure and in communication costs.  It reduces infrastructure costs in two ways: it eliminates the need to install traditional phone lines, and it allows for both voice and data communications to be run over a single network.  It also reduces communication costs, because it provides a unified communications service that can treat all types of communication, from calls and voice mails, to faxes, emails, and web conferences, as discrete units that can be delivered to any internet-friendly device.

A VoIP system has several benefits.  It can eliminate missed calls, streamline business communication processes, and eliminate the need to pay for third-party conferencing services like GoToMeeting.  And, perhaps most importantly, it allows for you and your employees to have the information they need always at hand.  As long as they have a device within reach that can access the internet (and who doesn’t anymore?), they have everything they need to work and communicate.

How do I get this for my business?

Enstep has 3 options for your business’s VoIP phone system:

  1. If you already have a VoIP phone system, but would like to adjust your level of connectivity (outside lines coming in) to better suit your needs, we provide VoIP trunk integration.
  2. We can install an entirely new phone system, complete with the lines and switches as well as the phones and headsets.
  3. We are one of the few companies in the Houston area that is a reseller of 3CX (a Windows-based VoIP phone system). We not only provide the service itself, we also provide maintenance and support.

If you are looking to either install or upgrade a VoIP phone system at your business, Enstep can help.  Contact us today for more information!