5 Social Media Security Issues to Watch Out For

Social media is an important part of your business’s online image and advertising. However, these online platforms also give hackers and potentially dangerous people an opportunity to take advantage of many users’ lax security practices. Don’t let your business be a victim! Protect your online reputation as well as your bottom line.

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5 Social Media Security Issues to Watch Out For, Enstep Technology Solutions, Houston

Security on Social Networks

Social media gives your business a chance to interact directly with customers on-demand. But these remarkable communication websites may be hiding a few security risks. Protect yourself against these all too common security threats on social media platforms:

  1. Hacked accounts
  2. Stolen passwords
  3. Brand impersonation
  4. Ransomware
  5. Uncontrolled user and account access

1) Hacked Accounts

Quite a few individual users have experienced having their social media accounts hacked. Imagine what a huge target an influential business’s social media account is! If hackers gain access to your account, they can begin spreading malware and scams to all your followers. Keep an eye on your accounts and ensure only authorized users can get in to prevent this from happening. 

2) Stolen Passwords

Who knows your company’s social media password? More importantly, if your employees use their personal accounts to manage the business social media pages, who else knows their personal passwords? A stolen or leaked password can spell disaster for many businesses and grant hackers full access to an account. Change your passwords regularly and don’t let unauthorized users have even tangential access to them.

3) Brand Impersonation

Particularly strategic hackers will attempt to impersonate a trusted brand or personality on social media. They may create a convincing copy of your profile or even website to pass on malware or sell counterfeit products. If you notice any profiles that seem to be attempting to impersonate you, report them to the site you’re using and post a warning to your followers. Don’t let the danger spread!

Pro Tip: If your business social media account follows other industry influencers, make sure you’re following their actual profiles and not an impersonating account set up by hackers.

4) Ransomware

Ransomware is as active and dangerous as ever. If hackers gain access to your social media account and, by extension, business information, they can create convincing phishing messages for your entire customer base and cause a lot of damage. Worse, since the information and potentially even contact methods are coming from your business, many users will blame you for the malware. This is yet another reason why protecting your social media accounts and login info is so important!

5) Uncontrolled User & Account Acess

Do you know who has access to your account? This question deals more with authorized users than hackers. For instance, can a former employee still access your business’s social media accounts and potentially cause problems? How many employees have access, and how many actually need it? Giving out your contact information to too many people, even if those people are trustworthy, increases the risk of an accidental leak. Keep the number of authorized users small and manageable.

Managing Your Social Media Accounts

While it may seem like the safest route to avoid social media altogether, in today’s internet-driven business world, you can’t afford to disappear off half the internet. The solution to potential risks is to protect your business’s private information and accounts through strategic security methods. Boost your online visibility while also safeguarding your confidential information.

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