What You Need to Know about Email Viruses

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Security

A strange email may show up in your in-basket now and then. It can be an incredible offer or provide a link to a source of information you might need. You can dismiss the content of such anonymous emails you receive as just being sick or completely absurd, but there is a real plague embedded in the content. It is a virus which someone sends to you in hopes that you are naïve enough to open it. There are a lot of email viruses floating around in the cyberspace, and an unsuspecting person is vulnerable. You can brace yourself for a real epidemic of trouble because viruses are seriously bad news.

Also Referred to as Malware

When you combine the word malicious and the word software, you come up with the real definition of a virus. Malware is intended to create mischief within your computer system and for a small or medium-size business it can be catastrophic. It is not simple to guard your computer system against these pests. The virus may come as an email attachment which seems innocent enough. It is not by any means. Once you or an unsuspecting employee open up an attachment infested with malware, there is a host of problems you’re going to be exposed to in the coming days. This includes:

  • Your Computer System Spreading Spam. People compose malware want to share their damage with other computers. The virus may infect your email system, and cause spam to be generated and delivered. If some of the spam gets out to your customer base, it will result in those people blocking your email automatically. It is going to hurt business.
  • Email Viruses Can Infect Your Database. A worst-case scenario happens when passwords and usernames are damaged or stolen. The damage can compromise your financial relationship with banks and suppliers. It is a direct strike on the stability of an enterprise you worked hard to create. If it happens on your personal PC, your credit cards and bank accounts will be in jeopardy.
  • You Have No Idea When the Damage Will Happen. You may think you are safe, but perhaps you are not. Viruses do not automatically take effect and cause trouble. Instead, once the malware has gotten into your computer system, it may lay dormant. A given date may trigger the virus to going to action. In other words, right at the beginning of the Christmas season a trojan horse in your files becomes active and scores a direct hit on your profit margin.

You Must Get the Right Protection from Email Viruses

Email phishing scams run riot all over the Internet. An entrepreneur needs more than just a spam box to protect business files from email virus attacks. Simply deleting the email may not be enough for the more advanced varieties. The protection against email viruses has to be as sophisticated as the danger. Small and medium-size companies in Houston have turned to Enstep Technology Solutions for help in safeguarding proprietary information and corporate computer systems. We offer a variety of services and establishing security measures is one. We also can assist with email management administration and management if a company would like to have this as well. The objective we have is to provide the security you need from outside invaders.

It doesn’t matter what size of the company is when it comes to security. A small business needs safeguards from email viruses, and these should be just as good as the ones used by large corporations. Enstep can offer safety from Trojan horses, and we will do this at consulting fees which are not budget busters at all. It is certainly worth your while to talk to us about the services we had. Contact us to learn more about virus protection and other consulting work we can provide to make your business more efficient.

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