Small Business Data Breach 101: Are You an Easy Target for Hackers?

It isn’t always easy to be the owner of a small business. You must make numerous decisions every day while trying to increase a tiny profit margin. It is only natural to believe that a data breach is not one of the many things you have to worry about. After all, you are a small player in the market and hackers go for the big corporations, right? Wrong. You are just as likely to be the victim of cyber piracy as anyone else.

Treachery is Everywhere

Your small business may not have an extensive base of customer data but it does possess something much more valuable. Your intellectual property is what gives you a chance in the marketplace, and it can be gold in the hands of your competition. Hackers go after that kind of information to sell to the highest bidder. Hacking, in fact, takes industrial spying to a brand-new level.

They prey on your ignorance. Too many small and even medium-size business executives do not understand the value of cyber security, and many have not set up protection, which has to include security against data breaches originating from mobile devices. Employees are not aware that even a response to an innocent email can open up the door for a wolf to come in.

You may think the solution is a no-brainer; install some security software and perhaps have a few awareness training sessions for your employees. Unfortunately, this is not going to help. If a thief hacks into your information, you may have to alert hundreds if not thousands of customers of the problem. It can result in your credibility being destroyed. You only have to look at the damage done to major corporations to better comprehend the enormity of this problem. Insufficient cyber security requires more than duct tape to fix.

You Must Prevent a Data Breach

Quite a few small business enterprises went out of business because a cyber thief compromised their data. You have worked too hard to have something like this happen because of a hacking job. Any small business has the challenge of the budget. It may not be possible to have a full-time security expert on the payroll. In this case, you can greatly benefit from managed IT services. An expert firm can install the defense systems necessary to keep your proprietary information safe and secure, detecting and preventing a data breach.

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We help small and medium-size business in Houston protect databases and intellectual property. Our managed IT services provide 24/7 monitoring, and we fix problems before they become emergencies. You can breathe easy knowing that we are on the alert. Our flat monthly fee is great for small businesses on a budget. A quick cost-benefit analysis will tell you that our fee is significantly less than having to repair the damage done by a data breach.

Your business is working hard to stay in a highly competitive marketplace. You do not need the worry of somebody chipping through your defenses. We can help. Please contact us at your convenience and we will be happy to tell you how our IT managed services will permit you to sleep easier at night.