Warning: Hackers Attack Dropbox

by | Oct 16, 2014 | News, Tech Tips

Hackers have stolen login information for almost seven million Dropbox users. So far they have leaked hundreds of usernames and passwords online and are threatening to release many more. Unfortunately, they are also threatening to release pictures, documents, and videos.

Dropbox denies they have been compromised. They are saying the passwords were stolen from third-party services.

It’s not clear yet how the account details were accessed or if they’re actually real Dropbox usernames and passwords.

According to The Next Web, Dropbox has forced a password reset for the breached accounts.

Enstep Technology Solutions offers a service called EnstepSync that keeps business files safe by arming administrators with robust security and control features.

EnstepSync also delivers the following: 

  • Provides file sync between PCs and mobile devices.
  • Enables business users to sync sensitive corporate files between laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and the web.
  • Makes it possible for users to access all of their files on any device and to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and business partners.

This service unleashes the power of mobility and maximizes the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend. Despite a diverse computing environment, EnstepSync lets users be productive with their files, while giving essential control and visibility to administrators and business owners.

Enstep advises Dropbox users to change their password immediately in spite of Dropbox’s denial of the compromise. Passwords should consists of more than two letters and should not contain your own name.

For more information on EnstepSync, contact us today.

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