The Forgotten People

by | Apr 8, 2015 | News

Enstep Technology Solutions, a technical support company in Houston, Texas, is sponsoring The Forgotten People organization, which builds churches and feeding centers for people living in the mountains of Guatemala, according to Kyle Ewald, President and Pastor.

Enstep started working with The Forgotten People, which is headquartered in Houston, back in 2012. “We help them with their monthly administrative costs, as well as supporting their efforts in building churches, schools, and life centers,” explained Brett Passmore, Owner of Enstep Technology Solutions. “Our goal is to help bring hope to people who have felt forgotten by the rest of the world,” he said.

“Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in the world and a large amount of the population lives in poverty,” explained Ewald. “The lack of good infrastructure, poor health care system, overcrowding, insufficient sanitary services, spreading diseases, and the absence of education are just some of the concerns for the people who live in these remote regions,” he continued.

In Chijo, Guatemala, where one of their six churches was built, people had to walk about three hours just to go to church, school, or buy goods, according to Ewald. Because of this reason, the people lived in complete isolation and identified themselves as the “forgotten people”, he said.

The Forgotten People“A passion and desire was placed in our hearts to reach out to those who feel alone, neglected, and forgotten, so that’s why we are there,” Ewald explained. “We were honored to be the first ones to ever climb up there to reach the people in the mountains and be an answer to their prayers,” he said.

Enstep Technology Solutions is challenging other companies in the Houston area and around the state to also sponsor The Forgotten People, said Passmore. “This organization is changing lives through spreading the Word of God, providing quality food and education,” Passmore explained.

According to Ewald, their goal for the future is to reach out to other remote areas of the world. “In 2015, we are planning on starting our second mission in South Africa,” he said.



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