3 IT Trends and Technology Services That Can Streamline Your Business

by | Feb 16, 2018 | News

Many business owners tend to think that being busy and being productive are the same. However, people can seem extremely busy and somehow not very productive.  If you see busyness trumping productivity in your workforce, it may be time to streamline certain processes.  Focus on working smarter, not harder. Utilize technology services available to you in order to maximize productivity.

IT Trends That Are Here to Stay

In the last few years, there has been a tidal wave of IT trends, some which gained traction and others that washed out. Some of these trends have completely changed the way people do business. It’s easier than ever to work from home, and rigid workplace settings have been swapped, thanks to remote capabilities.

1) Cloud Services

Cloud computing has recently experienced rapid popularity and is almost universally utilized.  It’s convenient and secure, particularly if you use both public and private cloud platforms. This method, known as a hybrid cloud, is a new form of cloud computing that maximizes safety while offering the flexibility of public clouds. This provides businesses with better access and more versatile workflow capabilities.

2) Portable Communications

With a voice over IP phone system, you can easily add, move, or change phone extensions and locations. Your workforce can use this communications system from their home or on the road. No more missed calls or complex office phone systems. Also, wireless IP phones connect users to data resources, like customer information, allowing access to the company data network wirelessly.

3) Customer Service Automation

Customer service automation is not the act of replacing employees with an automated system. The purpose is to enhance the experience for everyone, especially the customer. Automation doesn’t replace good service, but acts as a filter, determining the needs of customers and answering simple questions with ease.  This prevents employees from being bogged down with questions or concerns that have already been addressed elsewhere, such as on a website.  An automated system can provide basic information and instruction, while employees can assist customers with complex questions or issues.

Eliminate Unnecessary Steps

The main component to streamlining it to eliminate steps or processes that are unnecessary or burdensome. When looking at your broad business strategy, ask yourself what makes sense and what doesn’t.  What has a place in the process and what’s wasting time? Skipping unnecessary steps can get you from A to Z faster and smarter.

Maximize Efficiency

Efficiency encompasses a number of different elements. Effective communication is key, as is collaboration and access to information. Unnecessary distractions, tasks, and processes can kill efficiency. A strong IT infrastructure paired with a dedicated workforce is a recipe for success.

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