Red Flags That Your Business IT Provider is Killing Employee Productivity

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Managed IT Services

There are generally two types of productivity drains in the modern workplace: small distractions that distract you and big productivity killers that force you to spend time and effort in all the wrong places. Weak IT management is one of the most significant productivity killers.

Is Your Business IT Up to Par?

The IT provider market is extremely competitive, so, unfortunately, the pool is flooded with a lot of the bad ones. These less experienced companies go to great lengths to acquire new clients. They’ll promise services or products they don’t have expertise in. A good managed services provider will be able to prove expertise with reviews and testimonials. Is your business IT provider killing your employee’s productivity? Learn how to spot these red flags. Click To Tweet

No Prioritization

The biggest IT mistake that most make is failing to prioritize. If your business IT provider is overwhelmed my their client demands, things will fall through the cracks. By continually expanding the number of projects being worked on, the number of things getting completed declines and quality suffers.

No Big Picture

If your IT team is overwhelmed with day to day tasks, they can’t consider your big picture. While no one may ever fully understand your company vision or goals, a good MSP will make an effort to get to know you and the general direction in which you’re moving. If you notice that your IT provider only focuses on short-term urgent tasks, to get you off their backs, you can assume that they’re not seeing the big picture or taking steps to build your strategy.

Pro Tip: If your managed IT service provider seems overwhelmed with day to day tasks, chances are they’re not spending much time on your long-term strategy.

No Communication

A good IT company should be easy to reach, whether it’s to talk about your business goals and how technology can help to further them, or to submit a support ticket. If it’s hard to reach a live person, or if emails go unanswered, there may be a problem. This is especially true if you experience frequent unexplained outages, updates or other anomalies that cause your business productivity to grind to a halt.

Experts Behind You

Your IT provider should be an extension of your time. They should know and understand your goals and plans for growth and handle your IT strategy accordingly. You deserve experts behind you.

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