How Conference Room Automation Can Help Your Get the Client

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Managed IT Services

If you’ve ever stood in front of clients trying to convey an idea using nothing more than printed charts and a whiteboard, then you know the struggle. Worse still is having better technology but having it glitch or fail in front of people you’re trying to impress.

Smart Conference Room Automation

Automating your conference room doesn’t have to be hit or miss. With smart solutions you can combine the human aspect of business with practical technology to assist you. A polished, automated conference room can give clients the confidence they need to trust you with their business. Click To Tweet Here are some smart automation tips:

Temperature Controls

Conference rooms seem to run on 2 temperatures: Sauna and blizzard. This makes it uncomfortable both for you and your customers. With so many people in 1 room, you may need to gradually decrease the temperature as time goes on and the room heats up. Being able to gauge the room and adjust the temperature accordingly can make everyone more comfortable.


Adjusting the lighting shouldn’t require stepping around other people, or going from high fluorescent lights to darkness. Make your transitions smooth with just 1 touch of a button. By automating simple actions you’ll save time and effort.

Video Displays

Watching a digital presentation with technical or operator difficulties is painful for everyone. Avoid the awkwardness with a streamlined, automated system. Conference room automation can integrate several systems into one, downloading control onto a tablet or device that can be easily operated by 1 person.

The Hub of The Office

The conference room tends to be the most important room in your office because it serves a variety of purposes. You use it for important meetings with clients, job interviews with potential candidates, presentations and special staff events.

A Strong First Impression

You only get one chance at a first impression, so make sure it’s a strong one. An ineffective, stumbling presentation can cost you clients, no matter how competent you are. Avoid the headaches and opt for smart solutions that will make you and your business look good.

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