The Benefits of IT Service Management For Accounting Firms

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Managed IT Services

Every business environment relies on computers in some fashion. But when those computers malfunction or get viruses, not every business is prepared to handle the problem on their own. Your accounting firm is no exception. And due to the enormous amount of sensitive data you handle on a daily basis, you should count on a professional IT management team to help you out and keep your accounting business running smoothly.

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Should You Hire Outside Help for IT?

No matter your circumstances, you should never feel like you need to handle IT problems on your own. Outsourcing to an IT management service frees your time and mental focus to work on other tasks. Here are some of the most common benefits of hiring IT project managers:

  1. Save yourself time
  2. Implement system changes and updates faster
  3. Establish a standard IT process
  4. Get the best service possible
  5. Ensure sensitive data is handled securely

1) Save Yourself Time

An IT management service exists to maintain and improve your accounting firm’s existing system, and thus dedicates all of their work time to help you. Not only does this make their work highly specialized and personal, it means you no longer have to invest that time yourself. Dedicate that saved time to more quality service and interaction with your clients and leave the IT to the professionals.

2) Implement System Changes and Updates Faster

Anyone who has ever updated a computer or program knows there will inevitably be problems along the way. Maybe some updates aren’t compatible, or some files are accidentally deleted. Outsource these updates to an IT company who understands the complexity of IT service management for accounting for ease and peace of mind. IT experts will easily fix any system errors during updates and will alert you of any potential dangers to your data, making the entire process streamlined and efficient.

3) Establish a Standard IT Process

Individual IT workers often differ in their chosen methods. With a management service, work processes are standard to every employee and every computer, making the job more efficient. This also helps when tasks need to be redone since any IT manager can pick up where another left off. Standardizing your IT will ensure your accounting firm continues to operate smoothly and efficiently, with minimal downtime due to lagging technology. 

4) Get the Best Service Possible

As much as you or your employees may believe in being a jack-of-all-trades, the truth is some people are more experienced or knowledgeable in certain areas than others. Outsourcing IT management to the experts leaves your CPAs and other accounting staff free to do their own jobs without worrying about maintaining their computers as well. A professional IT service is almost certain to do a better job than someone with only a cursory knowledge of information technology.

Pro Tip: Hiring an IT service can save your CPA firm valuable time and money. Paying for a single all-encompassing service provides better value than trying to handle IT problems in-house.

5) Ensure Sensitive Data is Handled Securely

Accounting firms handle a staggering amount of their clients’ private data every day. When security is that critical, are your office machines and security measures truly up to the task? An expert IT management service can identify and patch any holes in your security and provide ongoing protection for your information. You’ll never have to worry about a data breach again!

Keeping Your Business Relevant

In the modern business world, technology is critical to survival. A quality IT service may very well be the key to keeping your firm thriving and relevant. Make sure to select your service with care and get the best service you can for the best price possible.

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