An IT Infrastructure that Grows with Your Business

by | Nov 15, 2019 | IT Infrastructure

In your day-to-day business operations, your IT infrastructure allows you to keep working and stay productive. But in the long term, your infrastructure also keeps you competitive in the market. Any decision you make for immediate IT changes can thus continue to affect you and your business for much of the future.

As your business grows and competes more in the market, your IT infrastructure should change and grow along with it to continue meeting demands. But improving your tech strategy itself requires a strategy. How do you keep up with constantly upgrading software and hardware without sacrificing your own productivity in the process? Here’s how to facilitate IT infrastructure development for continued business growth.

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Determine Your Goals

An IT infrastructure is only as good as the plan behind it. Before you start buying new software and hardware, have a detailed plan of your business’s future goals. Are you trying to achieve a certain revenue amount, launch a new website, or something else? Consult with your employees and draw up a detailed image of what you want the next few years to look like. Begin your infrastructure planning with a good idea of where you want to take it.

Find Helpful Resources

Now that you know what your business ultimately needs from your infrastructure, it’s time to find resources to accomplish your goals. Research hardware and software that meets your needs and will continue to meet your needs as your company grows or changes. As you develop your infrastructure, you won’t have the time or budget to repeatedly replace a failed choice. Take advantage of detailed research, trial periods, and expert input before you get too attached to something you’ll need to replace almost immediately.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to update your emergency recovery plan to reflect your new IT setup! Each change to your infrastructure should mean a change to your backup strategy.

Optimize Your Resource Usage

A crucial part of infrastructure development is conducting at least one cost-benefit analysis (CBA). For instance, consider a particular program that would streamline an especially time-consuming part of your workday. A CBA of this program would ask several key questions before you get too invested in it:

  • What does it cost, upfront and ongoing?
  • How much money and time will this program save you?
  • How long will it take you to break even on your investment in this program?

If your CBA gives you excellent results, go for it! If you’re left with a few doubts or find that the program isn’t worth the money, keep searching until you find a better solution.

Communicate & Implement Your Plan

Even if you know your new IT infrastructure inside and out, your team might not catch up quite as fast. Involve them in the development process–after all, they’ll be using this new infrastructure too! Their input is valuable. Get recommendations from them. Once your new IT system kicks in, make sure everyone knows exactly what changed and how to use the new hardware, software, programs, and other new features they’re given. Keep your team in the loop about every new development.

IT Infrastructure Development

The modern world’s reliance on technology and the internet can put business owners in tricky positions as they race to keep up with progress and stay competitive. The process may seem overwhelming at times. But through detailed strategizing and a good understanding of your business’s IT infrastructure and development, you can stay on top of all these changes and retain your place in your industry.

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