5 Steps for Your IT Assessment Checklist

by | May 20, 2022 | IT Infrastructure

An IT assessment checklist plays a vital role in any business that relies on information technology. Assessing your IT systems can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your technological framework. You can spot the areas that require improvement.

What should be included in your IT assessment checklist?

The primary objective of an IT assessment is to optimize your IT infrastructure. It helps to improve your IT system security, network design, and operating system capabilities. An IT assessment checklist can help you achieve these objectives.

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  1. Hardware and Software Asset Inventory
  2. Data Storage and Recovery
  3. Gap Analysis
  4. Current State Assessment
  5. User Access and Experience

1) Hardware and Software Asset Inventory

Prepare a detailed inventory of all the hardware and software tools in your business, including laptops, servers, mobile phones, routers, switches, and printers. Other assets to check are desktop software, access points, scanners, and operating systems. Taking the inventory helps you identify the assets that require upgrades and optimization.

2) Data Storage and Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is essential for any business that relies on technology. Check your data storage and recovery feasibility to ensure continuity even when a disaster strikes hard. Your checklist must cover cloud storage, backups, disaster recovery, and compliance requirements.

3) Gap Analysis

A gap analysis helps you identify the components that require improvement in your IT infrastructure. You can bridge the gap between where you are currently and what you intend to achieve. That way, you can create an actionable plan to address all IT issues.

4) Current State Assessment

Assessing how your IT systems work currently matters a lot because you can pinpoint the opportunities for improvement. Check if your IT approaches match your business goals. You should also assess your logs, SOPs, and other vital IT documentation. With a current state assessment, you get the basics of what you intend to achieve.

5) User Access and Experience

How do users access your IT systems? Interview employees to determine how they use the systems and what changes they would love to see to improve the systems’ overall experience. Assess your onboarding practices, password strength, and inefficiencies.

Step by Step Success for Your IT Assessment

Assessing your network infrastructure can help you implement robust security measures in your technology environment. Now that you have an IT assessment checklist ensure that your IT systems are up to date. Enstep Technology Solutions can help you secure your IT systems.

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