Happy New Year from Enstep!

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Holidays

2018 has zipped along to the end in a flash. This is the time of the year we take a moment to pause and reflect, remember the year behind us and look forward with great excitement for the year to come. We consider our fond memories and look for opportunities to improve. With 2018 behind us, let’s review some IT tips from the year with Enstep. Click To Tweet

3 Red Flags of Outdated IT Infrastructure

Many of you inherited a business IT infrastructure that has at least a couple of “quirks.” Those things that you would improve if you had the ability to. Making changes to your company’s current infrastructure can feel like trying to redesign your car while driving it. If it isn’t done correctly the whole thing can come crumbling down.

3 Signs of Outdated IT Infrastructure

10 Common Tech Acronyms Every Business Owner Should Know

Acronyms and technical terms saturate the IT industry, which even some experienced professionals confuse at times. With so many terms that sound the same, it’s no surprise. Every industry has its own set of acronyms that can leave newbies wondering, and IT is no different.

10 IT Acronyms for Every Business Owner

How Outsourcing IT Can Help Your Non Profit

Information Technology (IT) is a vital support function for any business. Nonprofits and small business oftentimes overlook it or try to handle IT in-house. Usually, because of the high cost of creating and maintaining an IT department. Companies that outsource IT services can achieve many benefits that help them function more efficiently and without having to invest in a full-fledged IT department.

Outsourcing IT Can Help Your Non Profit

A Wonderful New Year

2018 was an amazing year for the tech industry and for our team. We’re very thankful for our loyal customer base and hardworking staff. We’re looking forward to a wonderful 2019. We hope you’re surrounded by loved ones and filled with joy over the holidays. From the Enstep family to yours, Happy New Year!

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