The Happiest of New Years to You and Yours!

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is almost over. This year has gone by fast, but we want to take a moment to pause and reflect on the year behind us while we look ahead with much anticipation for what comes next.  

While we know that technology advances at a fast and furious pace, there are some things that hold steady over the years. Next week we will take a look at technology trends for 2017, but here are a few things you should carry forward into the new year and beyond.

Houston Malware RemovalSecurity continues to be a huge risk for business owners. Hackers are at large in a very real way. While technology is a must in the business world, breaches in security can leave your business wide open and vulnerable for attacks. When considering your technology budget for 2017, remember to factor in the cost of protecting your assets.

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Business Technology ServicesYear of the Cloud. In 2016, cloud technology continued to evolve and take over many spaces in the technology realm. Working remotely was big this year as cloud technology has allowed employees to have easy access to everything they need without ever stepping into the office.  Not only has cloud technology made things easier for individuals to perform their job well and from anywhere, but it has allowed small and medium-sized businesses to compete with big companies on a larger scale.

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r4Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity were hot topics this year. As storm after storm threatened our area with massive amounts of rain, flooding occurred in much of our region. Today, protecting your technology is protecting your business.  At Enstep, we recommend having a detailed Business Continuity plan with detailed instructions for your business technology assets. 

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We are honored to have had the opportunity to help you and your business achieve your goals in 2016 and look forward to a continued partnership throughout 2017. We want to thank you for your trust and support. At Enstep we are excited for all the New Year has to offer and look forward to working with you to achieve BIG results! Happy New Year!